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The Seguin Gazette is changing how it delivers the news to your doorstep.

Starting with the Nov. 3 edition, the newspaper will be printed and delivered on Wednesday and Sunday, Publisher Elizabeth Engelhardt said.

This move will allow the Gazette to bring a healthier, stronger newspaper to your doorstep twice a week, while not sacrificing the award-winning daily news coverage the newspaper has been delivering to readers online for years, Engelhardt said.

“This will allow us to do more of what we love — including more in-depth stories and a greater emphasis on the type of community journalism that the Gazette has been known for,” she said.

While the newspaper will be printed twice a week, the news doesn’t run on that schedule, and neither will the Gazette.

New stories and photos will continue to be published on the newspaper’s website, which was awarded as the best small online newspaper of the year in Texas.

“While readers are increasingly subscribing to our digital newspaper, the print newspaper remains vitally important to us, to our readers, and to our advertisers,” Engelhardt said. 

The newspaper is evolving with the community, the Seguin Gazette is not going anywhere, Engelhardt said.

“We are and will remain Guadalupe County’s newspaper of record,” she said. “We are the only printed newspaper in the community.”

Engelhardt said the new production schedule will also allow the newspaper to bring back a highly-requested element.

“This allows is for us to bring back the weekly TV guide book,” she said. “We’ve heard the requests and are happy to bring that back to the Gazette for our readers.”

Engelhardt said more details about the transition and what it would mean for readers would be published in the Gazette in the near future.

“We think there’s a lot to look forward to with this change, and we’re excited to share more about it in the days ahead,” she said.

The Gazette, which can trace its roots back to 1888, has a long history of winning statewide awards for its reporting, photography, design and investigations. This year, the paper earned best Team Effort for its coverage of Weinert Elementary that included several stories and editorials, as well as honors for Editorial Writing from the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors.

“The Gazette will continue to build on the proud legacy in the years ahead, both in print and online,” Engelhardt said.

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I'm very pleased to see the Seguin Gazette move to a publication schedule of two days a week. I've long admired the Fredericksburg (TX) Standard newspaper, which is published once a week, as a great model for a local paper. As the editor points out, moving away from a five day publication schedule should allow the paper to concentrate on quality and depth of reporting on the local stories that are so important to all citizens. You can bet I'll be looking forward to Wednesdays and Sundays to satisfy my paper reading habit. To the editors, reporters, delivery people, and all the other folks who make our home town paper go, thank you for all you do!


This announcement raises an obvious question. Is this a final attempt to remain viable, or is it truly a new beginning? Considering the cost of producing a daily paper, it seems wasteful to rehash outdated articles to accomplish that. The term newspaper suggests a dynamic flow of new information. If that is the goal, I'm all for that as reviewing the GE online is my daily first order of business.

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