Guadalupe County Courthouse

Guadalupe County Courthouse

Guadalupe County is reporting 17 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19, no new deaths and zero hospitalizations at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center as of Monday.

According to a news release by Guadalupe County Emergency Management Coordinator Patrick Pinder, Guadalupe County was informed of 17 newly confirmed positive or probable cases that were added to the active roster. Guadalupe County has reported 2,202 cases of which there are 263 active cases with 1,939 recoveries to date. The county is also reporting 164 probable cases that are not included in its totals.

Since COVID-19 hit Guadalupe County, county offices received confirmation from that state that 40 residents have died due to the illness. However, the Texas Department of State Health Services shows 66 COVID-19 fatalities for Guadalupe County. 

“Due to the lag in the reporting, we have not yet been provided all of the deaths,” Pinder said.

While the number of reported deaths increased on the state level, the number of patients hospitalized at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center has dropped to zero, Pinder reported.

The hospital has reported the deaths of 34 Guadalupe County residents at its facility. 

Active cases in Guadalupe County include 77 in Cibolo, 57 in Schertz, 48 in Seguin 48 in the incorporated area, 18 in the portion of New Braunfels in Guadalupe County, 12 in Selma and three in Marion. 

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(5) comments


Not a single hospitalization at GRMC? Maybe we're not all gonna die after all. Life is good.


Well the other shoe has dropped. It is being reported that recovered patients are asymptomatic. So in Guadalupe we have almost 2,000 Zombies that look like us. For lack of a moniker, Republicans- My Rights, to infect anyone within 6 feet.


The question of whether or not a recovered Covid-19 victim can subsequently be reinfected and transmit it to others is under intensive evaluation by health authorities right now. You seem to be saying anyone who has had it is a walking Covid-19 transmitter and that's incorrect. Scientists know recovered patients have protective antibodies for some period of time. they just don't know for how long right now. There's a growing body of evidence that they can be reinfected later, though.


pilotrancher, yeah I laid it on a little thick. It is the premise that needs to be considered. Are these the true "Super Speaders?" We heard frontline caregivers over and over "They looked good but died by the time we got the test back." That brings up the recovered caregivers. Can we risk them reinfecting the recovered?"


Numbers, numbers, numbers......and none of them really means much.

40 deaths. OK, the query now is related to the specifics. Age, risk placement and role COVID played in the death if any.

Ladies and gents, just saying ‘40 deaths’ will not put anyone at ease.

Give us some details!

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