Turkey dinner

A local record label is hosting its first-ever Thanksgiving bash to feed the people of the area.

A Friends Giving Annual Event will kick off from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 27, at Seguin Youth Services located at 919 N. Guadalupe St.

Distinguished Records is providing a traditional Thanksgiving meal with the classic, Distinguished Records co-owner/executive Michael Watson said.

“It’s all about feeding the people of Seguin,” Watson said. “We will be providing all the food and water. It will be all kinds of foods from apple and sweet potato pies to turkey, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes and my mother's good old famous gravy with gizzards in it. We just wanted to get together and offer our time and thank everybody for living in this community.”

Watson, a Seguin native, said the decision to throw the holiday gathering was an easy one to make.

“I’m from Seguin, and I would say I haven’t seen many events like this in the area," Watson said. “So my biggest thing was that I wanted to be able to give back to the place that I grew up in and show the kids that there’s people out there that are still here for the community.”

The event will also feature live music, basketball, and photo opportunities for families.

“DJ Twista will be there at 5 p.m., and he will be donating his time as well,” Watson said. “In the future we plan to have two or three different DJ’s out there because we want to keep the good moods strong. We will also have a photographer present if people want to get their family photos taken. We didn’t really want to sell anything this year because we want to strictly give away. Next year we may come out and sell t-shirts or give t-shirts away, but I haven’t ironed out the details yet.”

Although Watson and the Distinguished Records family are providing a majority of the food, several area businesses and community members have offered up donations, Watson said.

“As I started promoting the event, a lot of people have approached me and said, ‘Hey man, I want to help you out, I want to donate,’” Watson said. “I am very thankful for that.”

Watson is hopeful this first gathering is a success, and is already looking forward to future.

“I’m expecting anywhere from 200 to 350 people to be coming today, Watson said. “They’ll be coming in and out all day, and we will just be doing our part to give back. Because this is the first annual event, we have had people that have reached out to us that are interested in working with us next year and the upcoming years. This event will be something that kids and the community can look forward to and go to every year. It’s only going to get bigger and bigger.”

Guests can eat their food at the center or take it togo.

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