Anthony Michael Hall

Anthony Michael Hall speaking at the 2017 Phoenix Comicon at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

The 1980s classic “The Breakfast Club” is coming to Hometown Cinemas - King Ranger 9 and include a visit with actor Anthony Michael Hall.

The local movie house is showing the popular 1985 movie on Wednesday, Jan. 29 followed by a question and answer session with Hall, who appears in the film as Brian Johnson.

This is a first event of its kind for Hometown Cinemas, director of operations Keith Hester said.

“This is something you normally see in big city movie theaters or your larger chains,” he said. “We’re real excited that we’re able to be part of this as a small, independent theater company.”

Hall’s agent approached the family-owned movie theater chain to see if it would host such an event, Hester said.

“Hall is doing a little tour around Austin/San Antonio area doing Q&A, signing autographs, taking pictures,” he said. “We were real excited to be contacted about doing something like this and bringing something like this to the community.”

Hester said the theater choose this particular movie because they felt it would have more audience appeal.

“The Breakfast Club” is a film that delves into the lives of five high school students who meet while serving a day of Saturday detention. Hall appears in the film alongside Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy, all members of the group of young actors, who at the time were known as the “Brat Pack.”

“It is a good movie,” Hester said.

Hall has appeared in several movies and television shows including “Sixteen Candles,” “Weird Science,” “Pirates of Silicon Valley,” “The Dead Zone,” “Warehouse 13” and “Murder in the First.”

The evening will start with a showing of the film at 6:45 and the question and answer session, autographs and pictures will happen after the movie.

Tickets for the event vary. Guests can choose from three pack options, Hester said.

For $49 guests get a movie ticket and participation in the Q&A session. The second level is $74, which includes a movie ticket, participation in the Q&A session and an autograph. The third option is $99 and includes a movie ticket, participation in the Q&A session, an autograph, a picture and a t-shirt. Tickets are available online at or at the door.

While this is the first time for Hometown Cinemas to offer such an event, Hester said they are looking forward to doing more.

“I’ve already talked to the agent to see if he has somebody or an actor that he wants to do this with, we’re more than happy to participate,” he said.

Hometown Cinemas is a family-owned and operated business that took ownership of King Ranger Theaters in last year.

“We started with a single location in Lockhart and we care very much about being part of the community and supporting the community and bringing things to the community that otherwise may not be brought in,” he said. “We’re working hard and striving to be part of the community and provide the service and the presentation that people want at a very affordable price.”

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Loved him in "Pirates of Silicon Valley". I was not interested in computers, or the Internet before I saw it, and it was interesting enough to get me hooked! Too bad I can't afford to meet him.

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