Matthew Gutierrez

Seguin’s superintendent was selected to head up a school district in Madison, WI.

In a news release from Seguin ISD, Superintendent Matthew Gutierrez accepted the position of superintendent of Madison Metropolitan School District in Madison.

“On behalf of the Seguin ISD board of trustees, we wish Dr. Gutierrez continued success in his career,” said Cinde Thomas-Jimenez, Seguin ISD school board president. “His leadership and professionalism has been integral in building a lasting, positive culture in Seguin ISD.”

Gutierrez came to Seguin ISD in July 2017, and in that time created a five-year strategic plan and was instrumental in passing a $64.7 million bond election in May 2019.

Gutierrez plans to continue as SISD top administrator until June 1 to finish out the school year, according to the release.

In the meantime, the Seguin ISD Board of Trustees will begin discussing the next steps for the district and the timeline for a superintendent search, the release said.

“The transition will include opportunity for public input and feedback on qualities that an ideal superintendent candidate will possess in order to lead our district,” Thomas-Jimenez said.

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The best job is always the next, and the last, the reason for leaving.


The sad reality is that under Matthew Gutierrez the vast majority of the Seguin ISD students are not on grade level and in fact are on the decline. Only 35% of third graders districtwide (38% the prior school year) are reading on grade level or above. In math, only 36% of third graders districtwide (48% the prior school year) are at grade level or above. Remember that not everything that glitters is gold!


And now… moving on… Seguin ISD needs committed, experienced and knowledgeable administrative leaders who can see beyond social media campaigns and personal marketing strategies. Seguin ISD deserves a superintendent with hands-on experience and a proven track record of success working with a student population similar to that of our district.


Now he can go up there, and mess-up the schools. It's an open-secret that Seguin ISD's schools are so bad, that many local parents either move, or falsify their addresses so they can get their kids into the academically superior, Navarro HS. It's sad that the only things Seguin HS is known for is it's band, big scoreboard, and semi-illiterate graduates; scrap the expensive fluff, and focus on the core academics!


Well, this was unexpected......or was it? Considering the performance and administrative movements of this Superintendent, I can only wish him well on his Madison assignment.


Let’s be honest with ourselves, the Education system, controlled by a university ‘club’ of other Education Majors, has not really put out a quality product for quite some time. It used to be said, “hire a Superintendent who has a Doctorate in a real subject (math, science, history, etc.) and has good administrative skills and you can be fairly sure that you’ll get what you pay for.

Nope, don’t think that one works anymore.

While our scores go down and our efforts to lower the standards accelerate to stem the tide, we panic looking at the data while voting ever more money to ‘improve the educational experience’..... we need to take a different approach folks. Maybe what we need is someone who will work for slightly less than the $210,000 we paid this one, and who looks at educating our kids with a different eye and has a real passion for both our community and our kids.

Let’s look for a Project manager from industry, maybe a Turnaround Superintendent from Oil & Gas, or a early retired but driven manufacturing facility manager. We’ve seen what we’ve been getting, so maybe we need to look outside of the box.

And I mean REALLY out of the box.

Budgets, personnel, organization, ability to LEAD, these are the hallmarks of a good District Superintendent. Heck, compared with the past few, I’d be more than willing to engage someone who has no university degree at all - I just want their drive and willingness to move our students and teachers into a new phase; I don’t believe a Masters or Doctorate is a requirement for that.

It’s time folks, and I hope that the school board gets it. We need to demand that students and their parents understand that the education they are getting is not absolute right - it is a willing participant engaged in learnning, and a parent demanding their child be respectful, polite, responsible and accountable.

Teachers would get the support from the reduced size administration, pay commensurate with their years of service and education, back-up from an administration to ensure students follow the core principles, and held accountable for failing to complete the required tasks to ensure every student has the opportunity to be successful. By the way, a handout is not a dang textbook, regardless of the wish to make it so.

Goodbye Mr. Gutierrez, I wish you good fortune. I in no way blame you for the failure to achieve any real improvement in our towns youth, I

We, the parents, with the school board, need to do what is necessary, and sometimes uncomfortable, to bring our kids a decent education; we just simply have not done it yet.


Your comments are interesting. I wonder how you would feel if a CEO of an Oil & Gas company was hired to increase the profit margin and after almost three years, the company profits decreased. Would you still think that the CEO had no accountability? Would you still think that the blame belonged to the shareholders?


OOPS!! The comments regarding the CEO are my personal comments (Vickie De La Rosa). I was logged in into the wrong account. Thanks.


No, please don’t misunderstand, as I thought I was working a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ effort with a little bit of satire, obviously I need to continue to work on that side of myself. :)

Like you, I believe we have not gotten our monies worth over the last decade and remain depressed by our inability to affect change on the return end. After spending millions of dollars, our results are no better (if not worse) than for those of us that went to school before refrigerated air and being driven to school.

I have always been a proponent of ‘performance based measurement and reward’. As you pointed out, seldom do the people at the top suffer the consequences or poor leadership, bad decisions, etc., therefore allowing the penalties to drop on those laboring at the bottom. Maybe, unlike providing the pay increase we gave to Dr. Gutierrez recently, we should have a contract whereby a portion of their salary is based on results.

I do think however, the analogy of the CEO is not quite fit for this one, as he is shielded from the shareholders, in large part, by the company board of directors, who approve his employment package and compensation,......

Thinking SISD School Board......they are responsible to the public and, though we can press the administration for improvements or change, only the school board can actually bring the right pressure.

Again, let’s make sure we are not going to replace one with another of the same, as I see no need to pay +200,000 for someone to sit there and only have a multimillion dollar bond to claim as an accomplishment; I can find someone for 120,000 that, while not a “Doctor of Something”.


Thank you for the additional explanation. I understand your comments now. For additional information, you may visit my Facebook Page:

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