COVID-19 Updates

GUADALUPE COUNTY — A Schertz nursing home has confirmed a person connected to its facility has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Silver Tree Nursing and Rehabilitation Center said they are determining the extent of a potential outbreak and working to contain it.

“We are optimistic that with all of these measures in place the outbreak will be contained,” it stated.

The nursing home, located at 930 Roy Richard Drive, did not say whether the person is a staff member or a resident.

“Patient privacy is of the utmost importance,” the release stated. “We will not disclose name of any patients that have tested positive, nor will we disclose the name of any persons under investigation. Residents, families, and staff have all been notified that there has been a positive case by phone, letter, or email."

Silver Tree Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was under phase one of three safety protocols it put in place after the president declared a national state of emergency. They entered phase two after being alerted about the potential case, and phase three after the confirmation.

Once officials were made aware about a potential case, the facility went into phase two until the results were returned, and once they were notified of the positive result, they moved into phase three, the release stated.

As part of the facility’s daily procedures, residents are wearing personal protective equipment per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines, having their temperatures checked daily and are screened three times daily for COVID-19 related symptoms, the release read.

Staff members are also subject to “social distancing practices, infection control processes,” are required to self-monitor and report symptoms, and are screened daily.

“We’ve provided extensive staff education,” the release stated. “We have held staff in-services to ensure that they are aware of risk determination factors, including signs and symptoms of COVID-19. We have training on proper infection control protocol: including regular handwashing, correct usage and disposal of PPE, and social distancing practices. Across the facility, each shift a staff member will only work on their assigned hallway with that hall’s specific residents. This practice is known as consistent assignment and it helps to limit the amount of people each resident interacts with. “

An infection preventionist is working to make sure the facility is complying the recommended guidelines and procedures, the release read.

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