Seguin ISD new elementary boundaries

Seguin ISD redrew its elementary school boundaries to balance enrollment between the district's seven elementary campuses.

Some Seguin ISD elementary students will have a new campus to call home in the coming school year.

With expected growth and enrollment disparities at the district’s seven elementary campus, Seguin ISD redefined its elementary campus boundaries in a unanimous vote by the school board on Tuesday during its regular meeting.

The elementary boundaries have not changed since the opening of Rodriguez Elementary School 10 years ago, Seguin ISD Chief Communications Officer Sean Hoffmann said.

With two campuses busting at the seams and more homes coming in, district staff said it was beyond time to make a change.

“We have about 800 empty spots in our elementaries across the board and then we have a couple of elementaries that are way over capacity,” Seguin ISD Chief Operations Officer Bill Lewis told the board. “Capacity for our students needs to be shifted around because of the heavy strain at Koennecke and Rodriguez.”

Like most changes, there are some growing pains, Lewis said.

This includes families who are already established at a campus and are familiar with their teaching staff.

Those families are invited to request transfers, but it is not guaranteed the district will grant them, Lewis said.

“We will listen to those, and we will be empathetic to those the best we can,” he said.

Tuesday’s approval gives the district the ability to start reaching out to affected families by the end of April, Lewis said.

“We’re going to need two to three weeks to get next year’s (school) assignments done,” he said. “Hopefully, by the end of April, we will have all of that information out. If they request a transfer now, the timeline is they will still need to wait until registration when we see our numbers. We have to see how the numbers are going to play out. We just don’t know what is going to happen. Every transfer is situation by situation.”

When presenting the proposed changes to the board last month during a workshop, the district showed elementary enrollments vary from 285 students at a campus to 575.

Currently, McQueeney Elementary has 312 students enrolled, well under its campus capacity of 500. The campus is projected to see a slight increase to 347 with the new boundaries. However, with a new development underway along Interstate 10 near FM 725, the district projects to see an enrollment jump to 423 by 2025-26.

Rodriguez Elementary has 546 students currently enrolled, nearly 100 students shy of its campus capacity. The boundary changes will help reduce enrollment to 447 students next year, with transferring some students to McQueeney, and receiving some students from the McQueeney boundaries. However, with new housing developments, the number of students is projected to increase to 540 by 2025-26.

Patlan Elementary has 446 students but with redistricting will welcome new students from McQueeney, Weinert and Koennecke elementaries. The projected student enrollment would increase to 463 students the first year and potentially decrease to 443 students by the 2025-26 school year, all still under the campus’ 550-student capacity.

The plans also show Weinert receiving students from Koennecke Elementary while giving some to Patlan. The school’s current enrollment is 445 with a projected decrease to 437 at the start of the year with an additional decrease to 405 by 2025-26. The campus has room for a total of 575 students.

Koennecke Elementary is currently educating 590 students, 40 students over its campus capacity of 550, and with redistricting will reduce the student population to 465 by giving students to Weinert and Vogel elementaries. By 2025-26, the campus is projected to increase enrollment to 512.

Jefferson Elementary is projected to increase its 344-student enrollment to 404 students by incorporating homes currently located in the Vogel boundary. The student population is projected to stay relatively flat only increasing by three students in 2025-26, keeping the campus under its 460 capacity.

Vogel Elementary, which currently has the smallest enrollment in the district at 274, could increase to 379 by receiving students from Koennecke and Rodriguez elementaries. The campus’s enrollment is expected to boom to 462 by the 2025-26 school year, while remaining under the 550 campus capacity.

As more homes are built and enrollment grows, Hoffmann said it is possible the district will look to redistrict in the near future to help keep the campuses balanced.

“As a community grows, this is something we are going to have to look at,” he said. “We may be looking at it again in four to five years. Fast growth districts change school boundaries every two or three years.”

Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at .

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