Shattered glass covered the sidewalk in front of Starcke Furniture on Saturday morning after several display windows were broken out Friday night.

Hilmar Starcke III, co-owner of the century-old business, said he received a call about 11 p.m. Friday that the business had been vandalized.

Owners found rocks that were used to break the glass inside.

Seguin Police Lt. Marcos Martinez said officers received a call about the damage from someone who was driving by about 10:40 p.m. on Friday.

“They didn’t see anyone in the area when the damage was discovered,” he said.

The incident appears to be isolated. No other businesses reported damage overnight, Martinez said.

When neighbor Christopher Tijerina saw a post on Facebook about the damage, he walked over to the store to check out the damage and called the cops to make sure it had been reported.

Tijerina later came back to the business to help clean up.

“I’m born and raised here,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like this happen and I hadn’t had the opportunity to just get up and go help. This community has done a lot for me and so I wanted to give a little back.”

Tijerina was joined by a few community members in helping pick up the broken pieces.

Starcke was disheartened by the damage that was done to his family’s business, however, the support they received from their neighbors and community was heartwarming, he said.

“It is magnificent. Those are neighbors,” he said. “I drove up and they’re standing outside ready to help clean up. It is just terrific.”

The police department doesn’t have any suspects at this time, but the incident is under investigation, Martinez said.

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