Seguin residents wanting to rid their home of household hazardous waste now have the opportunity to chuck those materials free of charge and from their doorsteps.

The city of Seguin recently received a grant of more than $38,000 in funding from the Alamo Area Council of Governments for a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program provided through the Waste Management’s At Your Door Special Collection program.

“The collection program offers an easy, convenient way for Seguin residents to properly handle and discard household hazardous waste,” City Public Information Officer Jennifer Sourdellia said. “We are happy to once again offer residents this free program to help make their homes and neighborhoods safer, and to help keep the environment free of chemical contamination.”

The program accepts household chemicals, pesticides, paints, thinners, and for the first time ever electronics like fluorescent lights, televisions, batteries, automotive waste products, and much more, Sourdellia said.

To participate in the collection program residents within city limits can contact waste management to arrange a pickup, gather the materials they wish to dispose of and leave the waste by the front door of their homes within a heavy duty plastic bag provided by a collection kit mailed to the user by the city, the city website reads.

“Approximately 85 to 90% of the items are taken to various recycling facilities in the area, with the remainder being sent to secure landfills,” Sourdellia said.

However, not all hazardous materials are accepted for pickup through the program, including items like asbestos, ammunition, biological waste, appliances like washing machines, refrigerators and vacuums as well as commercial business supplies and construction related debris, a press release provided by the city reads.

In addition, a limit to the amount of waste residents can provide is also in place, Sourdellia said.

“Depending on what it is, there are limits on certain items,” Sourdellia said, “For example, up to 25 pounds of electronic items, up to four vehicle batteries and up to one television will be collected per pickup. Additional pickups can be scheduled if residents have additional items. The maximum quantity of materials collected is limited to what will fit inside the bag, plus larger acceptable items outside the bag.”

Sourdellia said improper use, storage, and disposal of household hazardous waste is dangerous.

“Many household products contain chemicals that could easily ignite or explode if not disposed of properly,” she said. “These chemicals can also have adverse effects on people, animals, plants, and fish if they end up in our lakes, rivers, streams, groundwater, and eventually, our water system. Therefore, they require special care when being disposed of.”

Although the program only serves residents within city limits, community members that reside outside of city bounds can contact the county at 830-379-9721 or 830-303-4188 for guidance and recommendations.

To arrange for a pickup, contact 1-800-449-7587 or visit

For more information visit the city’s website at

Joe Martin is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at .

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