Women running in Tuesday’s runoff elections dominated their male opponents.

Of five races in which Guadalupe County voters cast ballots, five women defeated five men, according to results released Wednesday after all precincts reported.

In the Republican race for U.S. House District 15, Monica De La Cruz-Hernandez won resoundingly. She had 7,414 total votes cast for her, finishing with about 76% of the vote. Her opponent, Ryan Krause, took 2,338 votes, representing about 24% of votes cast in the race, according to the Texas Secretary of State’s office.

Locally, De La Cruz-Hernandez did just as well. According to figures Guadalupe County Elections Administrator Lisa Hayes released, Hernandez took home 3,636 votes, winning over 70% of the county. Krause finished with 1,550 Guadalupe County votes, or about 30%.

De La Cruz-Hernandez won the opportunity to face incumbent Vincente Gonzales in the Nov. 3 general election.

U.S. House District 35 also saw a woman prevail over a man in a Republican primary runoff. Jenny Garcia Sharon took 4,111 total votes for about 53.1%, according to the Secretary of State. “Guillermo” William Hayward pulled down 3,634 votes or about 46.9%.

Here, 547 Guadalupe County voters chose Sharon, who won about 68.9% of the vote. Hayward took 247 votes in the county, making up about 31.1% of the vote, according to Hayes’ vote totals.

Sharon won the chance to go against incumbent Democrat Lloyd Doggett in November.

Competitors seeking the GOP nod to run for the District 5 seat on the State Board of Education appeared to have been unevenly matched. Lani Popp trounced Robert Morrow in the runoff election. Popp received 55,670 votes district-wide compared to Morrow’s 15,756 votes. Popp won by a margin of 78% to 22%.

Popp won the election in similar fashion locally. In Guadalupe County, the winner garnered 4,562 votes for a nearly 77% win percentage compared to Morrow’s nearly 23% at 1,370 votes.

Popp will meet up in November with Democrat Rebecca Bell-Metereau in the general election.

Women also won in Democratic runoffs.

Mary “MJ” Hegar defeated Royce West for the nod to run as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate. Hegar earned 498,180 votes or about 52.1% compared to West’s 457,555 votes or 47.9% of the total in the race.

In Guadalupe County, the race wasn’t nearly as close as the overall contest. Guadalupe County voters chose Hegar by awarding her 2,577 votes or about 68% opposed to West’s 1,213 votes for about 32% of the local electorate.

Hegar is poised to face off in November with Republican incumbent John Cornyn.

In the race to see which Democrat runs in the general election for the Railroad Commission, Chrysta Castañeda bested opponent Roberto Alonzo. They split the vote as follows: 575,488 votes or 62% for Castañeda and 353,399 or 38% for Alonzo.

Here in Guadalupe County, 2,213 voters chose Castañeda and 1,510 chose Alonzo, about 59.4% and 40.6%, respectively.

Castañeda in November will run against Republican hopeful James Wright.

Dalondo Moultrie is the assistant managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at dalondo.moultrie@seguingazette.com .

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