The department continued to take the shape its chief envisioned recently when Seguin Police Department’s top cop promoted a pair of officers boosting their ranks.

SPD Chief Terry Nichols introduced his newest promoted officers during a ceremony Tuesday in the police department’s training room.

“They’re some of the best we have,” Nichols said of newly-promoted Lt. Marcos Martinez and Sgt. Brad Flippin. “We’re finally getting everybody settled down.”

Martinez promoted from the position of sergeant to patrol lieutenant. Flippin made his move to patrol sergeant from the previous title of special crimes investigator in the criminal investigations division, Nichols said.

The chief said he has gotten to know both men in his short time so far at the department and both have proven to be consummate professionals. They want to make a difference, and will be afforded the opportunity in their leadership roles mentoring officers under their command, Nichols said.

Martinez said he looks forward to increasing his leadership role as he moves from supervising one patrol shift to two.

“I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve done in my career and this is the next step,” Martinez said. “Every day we’re faced with challenges. I take every challenge for what it is and work through it.”

Nichols provided a brief bio of each man’s career thus far.

Martinez began his law enforcement career in December 1999 with the Victoria Police Department. He joined the Seguin Police Department on Aug. 18, 2011 and was promoted in 2013 to the rank of sergeant, the chief said.

Martinez is the department’s range master, has worked patrol, as the administrative training sergeant and a patrol sergeant, Nichols said.

Flippin began his career with SPD on Dec. 12, 2008, Nichols said. He worked patrol, where he served as a field training officer, the chief said.

Flippin was a member of the SWAT team for two years and a member of the bike patrol. He served as a firearms instructor and transferred to CID in 2012 as a detective before moving to the special crimes investigator slot, Nichols said.

“He is one of our most senior investigators and will now take his experience and knowledge to the patrol division,” Nichols said.

Steady progress has been a mark of his career, Flippin said. This most recent move to sergeant marks the next evolution of that career, he said.

“It feels good,” Flippin said. “It’s a good move for me, a good move for my family, a good move for my career.”

He’s looking forward to bringing his years of experience into play helping to lead in the patrol division, Flippin said.

Seguin Police Department had a different structure when he took over the department’s reins in April, Nichols said. Since then, he has abolished the rank of captain and adding an assistant chief.

The department now has a chief, an assistant chief, four lieutenants and six sergeants, Nichols said.

“Marcos and Brad, I would ask that as you take on these new roles within the department, that you do so with courage,” he said. “Not just the physical courage most people equate with being a police officer, but equally important the moral courage to do the right thing, to have the tough conversation with an employee who is struggling or needs coaching, and to hold yourself accountable when you don’t perform as well as you know you can or should.”

Having worked with both men over the years, Assistant Chief Rusty Suarez said he trusts Martinez and Flippin will get the job done. He has learned to count on them in crises and whenever else they’re needed, Suarez said.

So, too, will the department be able to rest assured it is in good hands with the recently-announced promotions, he said.

“Seeing these two promoted brings nothing but happiness,” Suarez said. “They’ll teach the ones coming in to do the job properly.”

Dalondo Moultrie is the assistant managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at .

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