GUADALUPE COUNTY — A lawman said he initially was interested in only issuing a traffic violation warning but wound up nearly stunning a man before he and a pair of concerned citizens successfully detained a pair of suspects Sunday afternoon in Schertz.

The incident happened at the Lowe’s home improvement store parking lot in Schertz and involved Guadalupe County Constable Pct. 3 Michael Skrobarcek fighting with a man after a short foot chase. Skrobarcek eventually arrested the man whom he said has a criminal history and repeatedly had been kicked out of the country.

Skrobarcek made a Facebook posting about the incident.

“Oh ya, turns out the guy that ran lied about his name and is a 10-time deported felon,” the social media post said. “He has 10 previous deportations and also an aggravated assault with (a) deadly weapon case.”

The constable made the traffic stop about 12:40 p.m. Sunday when the driver of a late-model Dodge truck turned into the parking lot off the Interstate 35 access road, Skrobarcek said. He planned to warn the driver of the minor violation, suggest the driver rectify the situation and then send him on his way, the constable said.

The driver was unable to provide a driver’s license, so the constable arrested the man, Skrobarcek said. He cuffed the individual and had him sit on the curb, Skrobarcek said.

The constable then got into his vehicle to make a call and noticed the passenger walking away, Skrobarcek said. He called the man back and began to frisk him.

“The second guy, I went to pat him down,” Skrobarcek said. “He pushed off and we had a little struggle.”

According to the Facebook post, the man ran, Skrobarcek fired a stun gun at him but only one of the prongs struck the man.

Skrobarcek caught up to the man and they fought with the constable punching the man in the face twice, according to the social media post. The suspect went to the ground and Skrobarcek handcuffed the man with the help of a citizen who saw what was happening and got involved.

“I’m cuffing him up, (and) this man appears from the bushes,” Skrobarcek said. “He says, ‘Sir, do you need help? I said, ‘Yes, I do.’”

After they subdued the man who fled, another citizen walked up holding the truck’s driver who the constable had left sitting on the curb, Skrobarcek said.

“As we’re getting the guy that ran cuffed up, I look up and here’s a guy bringing him to me where I’m at,” the constable said. “He goes, ‘Sir, I knew I had to do something. He was fixing to run on you and you would’ve had a second one run from you. I knew I had to do something.’”

Skrobarcek said he took both men to the Guadalupe County Jail.

A search of the jail’s online records revealed that 29-year-old Roberto Luna-Lopez was jailed on a charge of driving without a license and held on an ICE detainer. The county jail’s telephone records revealed that 40-year-old Santos Gonzalez-Rodriguez was jailed on charges of evading arrest or detention; failing to identify giving false or fictitious information; and resisting arrest, search or detention. He also was being held on an immigration detainer, the records revealed.

No one was hurt in the ordeal, Skrobarcek said. He wanted to take the time to commend the men who helped him when they didn’t have to, Skrobarcek said.

John Heath helped him handcuff the man who fled, Skrobarcek said. Dennis Drake is the civilian who detained the driver, he said.

“It makes my heart feel good that there are people like that who actually give a damn,” Skrobarcek said. “I want to make it very well known these guys did a phenomenal job. The situation could’ve turned out differently without them.”

Dalondo Moultrie is the assistant managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at .

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I am very proud of the civilians who got involved to help out the Constable! This is America, we abide by our laws. We are proud of our country and respect all of our police officers. Thank you sirs, for Keeping America Safe!

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