COVID-19 Updates

Local officials say there is potential exposure risk from one of the most recent patients who tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to a recent release from the Guadalupe County Emergency Management Office, the patient visited two local stores on two separate days.

“The Texas Department of State Health Services made Guadalupe County Emergency Management aware that during their investigation, one of the patients who tested positive visited a local business within Guadalupe County,” the release read.

The person visited Walgreens Pharmacy in Seguin sometime between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. Wednesday, April 1, and Walmart in Seguin between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Sunday, April 5. 

“We were made aware that the DSHS was not able to make notification to the person of the positive confirmation prior to them making those locations,” Guadalupe County Emergency Management Coordinator Patrick Pinder said.

While officials say the risk of contracting COVID-19 in this manner is low, they continue to encourage residents to monitor themselves for symptoms for the next 14 days, the release said.

As of Monday morning, Guadalupe County had 28 confirmed cases, six of which have recovered. 

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(9) comments


I cannot excuse this person's lack of consideration. Because of this ME FIRST attitude common in Seguin my household now has to go without. One household member is recovering from radiation for lung cancer after a 5 year battle with 4 occurrences, COPD, and emphysema. It is life threatening for this person to visit any store at the moment. And the person who can reasonably risk being in public has COPD as well.-_-_-_-_-

I respect the need for HIPPA privacy but when these people violate health orders, basic common sense, and selfish neglect to be thoughtful of others, those endangered need to know every detail of that persons actions.

A Deputy should be assigned Home Confinement or the person be jailed. The results are back we know them. What we dont know is where this they now. Are they standing next to me? TO THIS PERSON, Had I had my way you would now be treated as any community release sexual predator would be sign in the yard and all your neighbors instructed to snitch you out for leaving your residence.


Absolutely agree!


“DSHS was not able to make notification to the person of the positive confirmation prior to them making those locations...”

Does that mean they knew the person had a positive result but couldn’t get in contact with them for five days (at least) to tell them? That’s... unacceptable. If that’s what they’re saying, then the notification process needs to be changed immediately.

The wording is very unclear, but it sounds to me like they knew for almost a week that this person had the virus and for some reason could not notify them. If this is happening in other cases, no wonder we’re starting to see an increase in community spread.




TDSHS made GuadCo. aware. How did the TDSHS know about the one business? The carrier told them when they tested positive! TDSHS basically said,"... youre positive where have you been?

GuadCo. is the glaring incompetency here and that is from the top down. I mean come on did the county health department drive them to Walmart? They might as well have for as much as they protected us. I tried not to hold the light on this, but your post clearly demostrated you didnt think it through. Look around order in place, and suddenly we exceed Comal County? Just wait til it hits the Jail if it hasnt already. They will release them to house arrest. Trump would have fired them that day.


It's now almost impossible to order groceries to be picked up or delivered because they are booked out so far already. I am waiting (2-1/2 weeks) for a simple small curbside pickup. It is too unsafe to stand in the line at HE B because people aren't following the 6 ft rule. So we are now penalized by not getting what we need. Seguin and Guadalupe County is not keeping up with the rest of the country in safety.


It appears that there was reasonable suspicion for testing this individual. Once the test sample was collected, common sense dictates that he/she would be ordered to be quarantined at home, and what that entailed, until formally notified of the test result. There should also be a penalty for non-compliance.


Why did the person test? If they had syptoms were they ignored ? When you test they don't get a dress and phone number ?


Wal Mart employees will spread it quick 3 people to assist breathing down your neck at self check out never wipe the pin pads down that I see.and searched through my bags as I was leaving bare handed I was totally suited up with mask and gloves as i ordered them to stand back and stop touching my bags .they just laughed at me

Ed Tor

WOW! ALL of you need to chill. Take a breath. And stop watching/listening to the OVER-hyped lying fake news media. Or... at least dig a little deeper. ALL, not some, ALL the dooms day predictions have been untrue, constantly revised down. Even the White House doc admitted that EVERYONE who died with the China virus is listed as died OF the virus, not the heart attack, head injury or anything else. The fake news, Trump haters have spun what should have been something no worse, statistically, than 'another virus' into a mimetic contagion far worse than if nothing more than the un- 'common sense' of covering your sneeze, wash your hands and avoid others had been done. Jesus said more than anything else; "FEAR NOT."

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