2019 Biggest Small Town Fourth of July Parade

You Kill It I Grill it rolls on down the road while barbecueing during the Biggest Small Town Fourth of July Parade on Thursday, July 4, 2019 in Seguin.

Fireworks will light the sky over Seguin on July 3, but the fate of city’s annual Independence Day parade this year lies in the community’s hands.

During a regular city council meeting Tuesday evening, council members discussed ideas regarding to the city’s annual Biggest Small-Town Fourth of July Parade.

In their discussion, council members agreed that if the parade does move forward this year, it will remain unchanged and follow its usual route along Austin Street.

However, before making a final decision, council members are looking to the community to see if residents will even attend the event if it happens. Council plans to gather feedback through an online survey conducted by the Convention and Visitors Bureau in the days to come.

Councilwoman Jeanette “Jet” Crabb suggested the survey be as simplified as possible to eliminate any confusion participants may have.

“Perhaps the thing to do is to say ‘we want to have our regular Fourth of July Parade. What do you think? Yes or no,’” she said. “Keep it simple, regular route rather than giving them a bunch of options.”

Initially, the idea of an alternate, longer parade route was floated amongst council members to advocate social distancing amongst event-goers, but the intricacies of an extended route proved problematic.

“In this particular event, we can’t prevent people from gathering in large [groups], and getting out of their cars — we can’t police that,” Seguin Police Department Chief Terry Nichols said. “I think this will be very, very labor-intensive for the whole city, not just us. We’re gonna do whatever. I’m so proud of these guys and gals [because] whatever mission comes at us, we do it, and we will do this, but I’m just showing you perspective ahead of time.”

The discussion to host the parade will be held during the council’s next meeting after the survey is released and information is gathered.

Additionally, Fireworks Fiesta over Starcke Park is slated to take place on July 3, following a motion by Crabb and a second by Councilwoman Fonda Mathis.

“Fourth of July celebrations are very, very dear to all of us, and I’d like to see us go ahead and go with the fireworks and just prevail upon the public to use good sense,” Crabb said.

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