Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to show people how much they love others. One local business is making sure those at the Guadalupe County Family Violence Shelter and the Crisis Center of Comal County know as well.

Alamo Title is holding its annual Valentine Basket Project donation drive to provide gift baskets of items to women, such as candy, socks, make-up, jewelry and shampoo, Kathy Seeger, vice president of marketing at Alamo Title, said.

“What woman doesn’t want to feel loved on Valentines?” she said. “When we started this, that was our thinking. We wanted to show these women that they are loved in all that they are going through in this time in their life.”

Suggested donations include hair and body care products, bubble bath, cosmetics, manicure sets, lotion, socks, razors, jewelry, $10 gas gift cards and monetary donations.

The donations make the women feel loved, Seeger said.

“I’ve been able to hand them these gifts, and I think I cry as much as they do,” she said. “You just never know what people are going through, and it just makes a small difference.”

Seeger said they were currently low on candy and perfume donations. She also recommended cash donations, which could be used to buy gifts for children at the shelter, and festive type donations, such as pie and food, beyond the gift baskets.

So far, around 1,500 items, such as bottles of soap and shampoo, have been collected.

“Those kinds of things may not seem like a gift, but a lot of women leave in the middle of the night without anything,” she said.

The idea for the drive started eight years ago during Christmas, Seeger said.

“I had gotten a bunch of Bath and Body Works stuff, perfumes, and that is how this started,” she said. “I had too much stuff. I told my co-workers, ‘I’m going to run this stuff to the shelter tomorrow, and if y’all have anything then I’ll take it over there.’”

Her co-workers brought their items along too, which were all new and made nice gifts, she said. Since Valentine’s Day was upcoming, they decided to put the gifts in Valentine’s bags.

“We thought these would be nice gifts for the ladies in the women’s shelter,” she said. “I started thinking, ‘Wait a minute. If we have this much stuff, what about our friends? What about everybody else?’”

The donation drive has since grown every year, Seeger said.

“Now our whole office is just full of boxes,” she said. “We have boxes all lined down the hallway, because we separate everything as they come in. The day before, we fill all the baskets up. It has gotten to be a very heartwarming cause.”

Donations are accepted until Tuesday, Feb. 11 at the Seguin Gazette, 1012 Schriewer Road, Alamo Title — New Braunfels, 494 South Seguin St. Ste 100, New Braunfels and Alamo Title — Universal City, 924 Coronado Blvd, Universal City.

Seeger hopes the donations make the day special for the women at the shelters.

“It’s just a small thing and if we’ve given them a beautiful day, then we’ve accomplished our goal. We want them to feel loved,” she said.

Steffanie Agnew is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. She can be reached at .

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