Guadalupe County Courthouse

Guadalupe County Courthouse

Guadalupe County has seen at least 22 residents die from the coronavirus at its local hospital, officials said.

In the most recent update from the county, Guadalupe Regional Medical Center has confirmed that at least 22 of its 27 COVID-19 deaths were county residents, Guadalupe County Emergency Management Cooridnator Patrick Pinder wrote.

On Tuesday, the county reported the hospital had 27 COVID-19 deaths, which Pinder clarified.

“As far as 22 GRMC deaths versus the 27 reported yesterday, we were able to get clarification from GRMC that 22 were county residents, the other 5 were not,” he said. 

The Texas Department of State Health Services has confirmed six Guadalupe County residents have died from the coronavirus, however, Pinder said the state has not confirmed how many of the six are part of the 22 deaths at GRMC.

Of the six COVID-19 deaths confirmed by the state there were two men in their 50s, two men in their 70s and two women in their 70s.

The number of pending cases rose as did the number of confirmed recoveries, which decreased the number of confirmed active cases.

DSHS confirmed 426 recoveries on Wednesday and no new cases. which put Guadalupe County at 16 residents with confirmed active cases of the coronavirus. The state shows there are 645 cases pending confirmation. 

“The reason the recovered numbers shot up was because, just as DSHS is behind getting through the pending cases, they were also behind on the recoveries,” Pinder said. “They have since caught up on those and forwarded that data to us today.”

The report also states that there are a total of 921 recoveries.

Guadalupe County has a total of 937 confirmed cases. Along with the pending cases, Guadalupe County has 1,582 cases of COVID-19.

Guadalupe Regional Medical Center reported to Pinder it had 30 patients admitted to the hospital for treatment of the coronavirus. Pinder reiterated that not all of the hospital’s patients are Guadalupe County residents. 

DSHS has confirmed four county residents are hospitalized due to the coronavirus.

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