An afternoon wreck sent two people to an area hospital and shut down a portion of FM 725 for about an hour on Thursday.

The passenger of a Mazda 3 was trapped inside the car, while the driver was able to get out on his own after colliding with an 18-wheeler just before 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon on FM 725 at the Interstate 10 underpass.

First responders were called about 12:58 p.m. for the collision involving the two vehicles.

“The 18-wheeler was coming north on 725 and this guy (the Mazda driver) was coming south,” Seguin Police Traffic Officer Jerry Guerrero said. “The guy (in the Mazda) apparently turned in front of him (the 18-wheeler driver) trying to get on I-10 and struck him. He never hit his brakes. He jumped right in front of him.”

The impact trapped the passenger of the Mazda inside the smaller vehicle and firefighters had to extricate the woman, Seguin Fire Battalion Chief Frank Herrera.

“After extraction, she (the passenger) was flown to (Ascension) Seton Hays in Kyle (by Methodist Aircare),” he said. “The driver of that vehicle was able to get out on his own.”

The driver of the Mazda also was transported by Seguin EMS to Seton Hays, Herrera said.

Neither the driver and passenger of the 18-wheeler reported any injuries, Herrera said.

The underpass at FM 725 and I-10 was shut down for more than an hour while police further investigated. They reopened it at about 2:20 p.m.

The collision is still under investigation.

Valerie Bustamante is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at .

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Similarly, heavily laden eighteen wheelers are increasingly failing to yield to thru traffic on Hwy 90 as they attempt to access IH-10 at mile-marker 612. On several occasions, I and others, have had to suddenly brake to avoid collisions with these trucks. Something needs to be done at this location before a catastrophic wreck is caused by this problem!


Dldmny you do realize that the I-10 Entrance ramp at 90 that you are speaking of has a yield sign for traffic entering I-10 and not for traffic already on I-10, RIGHT? I know next will come the "Well it would be the courteous thing to do, these truckers have no manners and they think they own the road." Day in and day out I see people that think it is smart to play stupid games with trucks that outweigh them by 40 to 50 thousand pounds. Where exactly is the manners and courtesy of non commercial drivers? It's not ALWAYS the TRUCKERS fault, the story above proves that, does it not? Just saying before you start trashing the truckers take a look at your fellow drivers and judge them the same.[beam][thumbup]


Yesterday, a huge tanker truck failed to yield the right of way accessing I-10. Had the vehicle in front of us been driving the speed limit there would have likely been a wreck. This is becoming a frequent problem. I am not trashing all drivers, only those not yielding to thru traffic on Hwy 90. This obviously appears to be more ominous involving a heavy slow moving truck crossing in front of a smaller vehicle.


GaryO - I understand and agree with your point regarding thru traffic on I-10, and that merging with other vehicles. That is not the issue that I have attempted to describe.

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