Seguin High School faculty and staff rang bells, danced to music, and waved signs and Seguin High School flags as they welcomed their students back to the campus, if only for a brief moment.

Cars filled the bus loop behind Seguin High School last week as dozens of seniors lined up in their vehicles for a curbside pick up of their graduation caps and gowns.

As the students waited, about 50 Seguin High School teachers and councilors peppered the sidewalks about — albeit 6-feet apart from each other — cheering on the students’ brief return to campus.

“We’re just making a lot of noise [because] we miss them, and we’re excited that we get to see them,” Seguin High School Principal Hector Esquivel said. “We haven’t seen most of these kids since the 6th of March, so we’re excited.”

Knowing they wanted to show their students how much they miss them, the high school staff began thinking of ways to say they care and they’re proud of them, Esquivel said.

“We had something planned to bring them back, but we didn’t know exactly how,” he said. “So, we just came up with the idea of being out here and celebrating them to let them know we miss them. These are all councilors and teachers, people that really have a lot to do with these kids, so we’ll be out here cheering as long as it takes as long as the last person drives up here to get their cap and gown.”

Seguin High School French teacher Juan Serrano said seeing the graduating class after months of quarantine was a moving experience.

“It was overwhelming to see that their accomplishments have been realized after four years of hard work, and I am proud of them,” he said.

The carpool reception was a great way to express to the students just how much love the SHS staff truly has for their departing students, Serrano said.

“I hope the seniors realize that we love them and we care for them,” he said. “We’re here for them, and they’re always welcomed back to be a part of our family.”

Class valedictorian Beckett Legore applauded his school’s ingenuity of bringing joy to his fellow classmates.

“I’m happy that all the teachers and staff are doing what they’re doing to at least amp up to the level that the students can have,” he said. “The level that the staff has taken this, I really appreciate it.”

Joe Martin is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at .

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