Stosh Boyle

A woman hugs Stosh Boyle following a special hearing held on Tuesday at Cibolo City Hall to determine if he was qualified to remain in his position.

Cibolo Mayor Stosh Boyle received the green light to remain in his position Tuesday night.

Cibolo City Council voted 3-3 during a special hearing to determine whether Boyle was qualified to remain in the mayoral seat and if he was to forfeit his position.

A vote of three quarters of the city council was required to remove Boyle as mayor.

Boyle’s qualifications as mayor were brought to city council’s attention in July by District 3 Councilman Brian Byrd who revealed that Boyle had pleaded guilty and was convicted of a felony drug charge.

In 1998, Boyle was convicted with the “conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute Methylenedioxy-Amphetamine also known as MDA or ecstasy,” according to court documents.

During the meeting, Byrd said that Boyle’s conviction made him ineligible to serve in his position as the Texas law states that candidates can not hold office if they’ve been convicted on a felony.

While the Texas Gov. Greg Abott “is empowered to restore certain federal felons,” federal felons that have been convicted on a drug or firearm offense involving violence is not eligible, Byrd said.

Boyle was arrested on Friday, July 26 by the Texas Attorney General’s Office on a charge of tampering with government records.

As part of his bid for mayor in 2017, Boyle reportedly signed the application for place on the ballot including marking off the section “I have not been convicted of a felony for which I have not been pardoned or had my full rights of citizenship restored by other official action.”

Boyle submitted on July 23 an application for placement on the Nov. 5, 2019, mayoral election ballot.

Following the special hearing, Boyle said he intends to run in the November election, however, he declined to comment on the Attorney General’s investigation.

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