Guadalupe County Courthouse

Guadalupe County Courthouse

Guadalupe County is reporting a third COVID-related death, along with 23 newly confirmed cases. 

In his Monday release, Guadalupe County Emergency Management Coordinator Patrick Pinder reported the fatality. He explained that the county isn’t able to account for COVID-related deaths until they are confirmed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. 

“Just like with any other case, there is a verification process that DSHS must perform before a death can be confirmed a COVID-19 related death,” he said. “It isn’t until that process is completed that we can ‘officially’ account for the death. We are monitoring the deaths in Guadalupe County and are notified of any that are presumed COVID-19 related.”

This is the third reported death for the county attributed to the coronavirus. The first reported death was a man in his 50s and the second was a man in his 70s. No information on the latest death has been released at this time.

As it stands, Guadalupe County has 380 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 584 pending confirmation a for totals of 964 cases. Of those cases, 333 people have recovered and there are currently 47 active cases, the release stated.

Additionally, Pinder reported that Guadalupe Regional Medical Center is currently treating 43 COVID-19-positive patients. He added that not all of the patients are Guadalupe County residents. 

“We are in constant communication with the hospital,” he said. “We are aware that there are more COVID-19 patients at GRMC than what our chart shows. We can only ‘officially’ report confirmed cases by DSHS and we can only count patients that reside within Guadalupe County.”

Mobile Testing Results

On June 17, at the mobile testing site in Starcke Park officials tested 275 people from 20 different counties. Of those, 71 people tested positive. 

At the June 22 popup testing site, also in Starcke Park, officials tested 445 people from 10 different counties and are reporting 18 positive results and three inconclusive tests.

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