Clear bag policy

Seguin ISD is reminding Matador fans about its clear bag policy just ahead of the start of football season.

In order to stay fashionable and safe, Matador Stadium continues its policy of mandatory transparent bags. 

For the second year running, the clear bag policy is in effect at the stadium in an attempt to keep sports fans safe.

Seguin High School is selling clear bags at Matador Stadium for $10. Those who do not wish to purchase the bags are permitted to bring their own clear bags as long as they are at most 12 inches high by six inches across, Seguin ISD Executive Director of Communications Sean Hoffmann said. 

“The size is meant to restrict the amount of items that can be brought into the stadium,” he said. “Additionally, a one-gallon clear plastic storage container can be brought in or a small purse that is 6.5 inches by 4.5 inches. We’re also allowing medical bags but they’re subject to inspection as well as seat cushions.”

The push for the clear bag policy is not meant to be seen as a negative, merely a sign of the times, Hoffmann said. 

“Looking over some of the public safety issues over the past decade or so helped spawn the necessity to enact a clear bag policy,” Hoffmann said. “There’s no specific instance that caused us to create this policy. Any public event, whether it’s the Alamodome, college or pro, there are going to be policies in place for safety purposes.”

With items like diaper bags, backpacks, large purses and duffle bags on the list of prohibited items, the policy can be seen as somewhat inconvenient to some. However, Hoffmann says that no one is exempt from the rules of the stadium.

“For example,” he said. “One of our school district administrators brought a purse up to the entryway and she was told that it was not allowed and asked to take it back to her vehicle and return, and she did just that so it’s an across the board policy. We can’t allow one in and not others. So we’re trying to make it as equal and fair as possible.”

The policy reminder is just in time for the Seguin High School varsity football team’s first scrimmage on Friday at Matador Stadium, which Hoffmann said will be a crowded event. He wished to remind others of the relatively new policy.

“There will be lots of fans on both sides of Jack Taylor Field,” Hoffmann said. “We just want to remind everyone that the clear bag policy will be in effect and people should leave bags that don’t meet the requirements either at home or in their personal vehicles.”

With the recent tragic events in the country, Seguin ISD is considering the idea of tightening its grip around safety policies. Currently, the clear bag policy is only in effect for Matador Stadium, however Hoffmann said that the district may expand the policy to the district’s other sporting venues. 

“We may do what some of the other high schools in the area are doing, and that would be to enact a clear bag policy for not only Friday Night Lights but also volleyball, basketball games and inside gymnasiums for those events,” he said. “So that is probably the next logical step that we will look into.”

Joe Martin is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at .

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