Seguin Police Department

Seguin police are investigating after skeletal remains were found in a home on Sunday night.

According to a news release, investigators believe remains found in the house are human.

Officers were called about 10 p.m on Sunday to the 900 block of Anderson Street for the discovery.

“A search of the residence revealed what police are calling human skeletal remains inside a bedroom,” the release stated. “Because the identity of the deceased has not been determined, police are not releasing specific details regarding the active investigation.”

The Seguin Police Department, along with the Guadalupe County Attorney’s Office, Texas Rangers and Texas State University Department of Anthropology are working to identify the remains, as well as a cause, manner and date of death, according to the release.

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A San Antonio radio report said today police were interviewing two people that were living in the home. This one kinda sounds to me like someone collecting social security checks for a deceased "loved one". We should know more very soon.


We should know more, but will we and when?


This is a shame!! Why isn't Lisa under arrest?? You lived with your Mother and you were never concerned that you had not seen her! I hope God has mercy on your soul!!! Rest in Paradise Ms Jackie.


Who is Lisa? Please do spill the tea.


It appears that others outside the home knew about this leading to the police search and discovery. Isn't concealing a death and corpse a crime?

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