A sports utility vehicle crashes through the wall of Moore Ganske Murr PLLC’s office on Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020 in the 500 block of East Court Street.

A motorist provided an unwanted drive-thru at a law office in a 100-year-old building when a sport utility vehicle smashed into the structure Thursday night.

No one was hurt inside the building and the driver and a passenger received minor injuries when the SUV rammed through a wall at the MGM building in the 500 block of Court Street, according to one of the business owners and a social media post from the Seguin Fire Department.

“It appears as though somebody drove into the building,” said Stephen Ganske of Moore Ganske Murr PLLC. “I say appears because I saw the car. It was really apparent the car had come through the wall. It was essentially sitting in our office.”

The crash happened about 7 p.m. as two employees remained at work. Neither was injured, Ganske said.

The employees sprang into action when they realized the apparent mishap occurred, he said.

“One called the police and the other called me and I happened to be pretty close,” Ganske said. “I honestly thought it was on the Court Street side in the front of the building because that’s the side that’s always scared me but it was on the San Marcos side.”

Traffic volume on Court Street made him think that side of the building is more vulnerable, he said.

Emergency crews showed up and provided invaluable assistance, Ganske said. Fire department crews, EMS personnel and other first responders pitched in to secure the building and attend to any injuries, he said.

Seguin Fire Chief Dale Skinner said a white SUV hit the corner of the building and entered through a wall.

A woman and her daughter were in the SUV, and an ambulance crew took them both to Guadalupe Regional Medical Center with minor injuries, Skinner said.

“As I understand it, the driver was turning off of Court Street onto San Marcos and lost control of the vehicle and hit the building,” he said. “We wound up transporting both occupants of the car to the hospital for minor injuries. There was someone in the building at the time but they were not in the area where the vehicle struck, so no one inside the building was hurt.”

He was unsure of a value of the damage the crash caused but thought it was a significant amount, Skinner said.

The vehicle driver was making a turn too quickly onto San Marcos, lost control, hit the accelerator instead of the brake and crashed into the structure, Seguin Police Patrol Lt. Cobey Crow said. No arrests were made and no charges will be filed, he said.

Ganske and his partners bought the historic building in November 2018 and spent several months renovating it. They gave it a complete makeover inside and changed parts of the exterior, he said.

The partners opened their practice in February 2019 and moved into the building in July of last year, Ganske said.

“It was kind of gross in all honesty, before,” he said of the century-old building. “It was a thrift shop, just junk everywhere. We really renovated top to bottom, new offices, glass, metal, gave it sort of a downtown-y feel.”

A city inspector checked out the building to ensure it was safe for occupancy, Ganske said. The firm is safe to be inside the structure, he said.

They owe a debt of gratitude to all of the first responders, area businesses and more who helped them get back to work Friday, Ganske said.

“We couldn’t be open today if they weren’t all there for me last night and this morning,” he said.

Dalondo Moultrie is the assistant managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at .

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