April 2, 2020 map

Officials have confirmed two more people have recovered from the coronavirus, but three more have tested positive, bringing the total to 23 in Guadalupe County.

Of those three, one was identified as a case of community-spread, officials said.

The Guadalupe County Emergency Management Office received information on Thursday evening from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services about the three new cases of COVID-19.

“(The) patients are at home and have been self-quarantined since being tested,” the release said. “There was no exposure to the any public places with three patients.”

According to the city of Seguin, two of the newest cases are city residents. Among them one is travel related, the other is community spread.

"Both patients are self-quarantined at home and are being monitored by DSHS," the release said.

The number of those who have recovered from the illness has risen to five, the release said.

As of Thursday, there were six confirmed cases in the Cibolo city limits, three in Schertz city limits, four in Seguin city limits, two in New Braunfels city limits — the portion that is in Guadalupe County — one in Selma, six in the unincorporated area of the county and one location pending.

Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. She can be reached at felicia.fraar@seguingazette.com

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Hmmm, that pesky one location pending. Pending? Is it circling in an aircraft for 4 or more days? Or is his/her location pending a Judge's order? Being fitted for an ankle bracelet? Lost on the golf course? Continental or Caterpillar parking lot. I SAY WE NEED AN AMBER ALERT! ---BEEP BEEP BEEP--- Anyone sighting any person who is pending a location Call 911!


everyone is waiting for vaccine at my blog that The UK Law Blog individuals also started discussing about corona virus

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