A pair of women were injured after their vehicle rolled over on Interstate 10 on Saturday afternoon.

A GMC Envoy was traveling westbound about 2 p.m. when it flipped over on the highway near the 605 exit. Only one vehicle was involved, Seguin Police Sgt. Kado Cato said.

“There were some obvious injuries, but both of them were conscious and they were awake,” he said. “They did decide to fly one of them out.”

The other passenger was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, Cato said.

Witnesses said they believe the driver lost control after passing a semi-truck.

“They said it looked like she (the driver) got scared as she passed a semi-truck because the trailer may have started swaying,” he said. “She got scared, jerked the vehicle and went into a spin.”

After spinning, the vehicle flipped out from the roadway, he said.

The women were able to remove themselves from the vehicle. About four to five other vehicles stopped and people covered them with blankets to keep the sun off of them, Cato said.

“They’re from South Carolina, and apparently were on a road trip and just overcorrected,” he said.

No other vehicles were involved. The wreck is under investigation.


Steffanie Agnew is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. She can be contacted by e-mail at steffanie.agnew@seguingazette.com.

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We were there not maybe a couple minutes after it happened....me my husband went over to see if we could help...i really hope and pray that those ladies are ok..i know one of them kept blacking out ...people kept talking to her and the other woman...to keep them conscious....i justbwant them to know they are in our prayers...thanks. S. W.


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