Navarro Project Graduation

Navarro High School Project Graduation honors students with posters planted in front of the campus.

Navarro High School parents are pushing through limitations placed by the new coronavirus to continue a tradition to honor their graduating children.

NHS Project Graduation — which was initially created to keep seniors busy and safe on graduation night — is underway with several changes, NHS Project Graduation President Tracy Guetzke said.

Instead of a get together on the night of graduation, the program has opted to place 140 senior portraits in front of the high school for all to see, Guetzke said.

“We were supposed to have Project Grad at Texas Tigers this year, but we’ve had to cancel it because we cannot contain all of those kids in one building with social distancing,” she said. “So because of social distancing and teaching from home, the seniors have missed out on a lot. That’s why we have done the pictures in front of the school, and they are the photos that the kids took at school in tuxes and the wrap for the girls.”

The photos are slated for display until graduation on June 26, after which the kids can then take the snapshots home, Guetzke said.

“We had a company out of Shiner who offered to do [the photos] for very cheap, so we were able to design what we wanted, and they printed them for us,” Guetzke said. “Each portrait has their picture on one side that says ‘seniors, Panthers class of 2020’ and then it has each one of their names.”

The portraits are a big hit with parents and kiddos alike who frequent the collection at the school for a memorializing photo, Guetzke said

“On Facebook, a lot of the seniors are going up and taking pictures with their [photos], and the parents are posting them,” she said. “And I know the school district put out in their COVID update for younger children’s parents to come out and walk through all of them, and there’s been several people that have done that, too.”

In addition, seniors are getting the chance for a night out at Son’s Blue River Camp thanks to an offer from the property owner Byron Riedel, Guetzke said.

“They’re all meeting there one night, and they’ll get to spend about two hours together there,” she said. “It’s on the river, so they’ll play volleyball and do different things outside, and that’s the best we could do to get them together one last time,” she said.

Posted portraits and a night on the river are just the tip of the iceberg for Navarro High School seniors as the parents of Project Graduation have more in store in the days to come, Guetzke said.

Joe Martin is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at .

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