COVID-19 Updates

Officials have announced that three more people have tested positive for COVID-19, including one Seguin resident.

In a release Sunday evening, the Guadalupe County Emergency Management Office said the county is now up to 13 positive cases of coronavirus.

“All three patients are at home and have been self-quarantined since being tested,” the release said.

The city of Seguin confirmed one of those is a resident and is being monitored by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

Officials have not released the city of residence for the other two individuals.

“We continue to encourage and recommend all citizens to help stop and slow the spread of COVID-19 by following the guidelines outlined by the Texas Department of State Health Services and orders issued by the Governor or local jurisdictions,” the county’s release said.

Both releases state that as more tests are available, officials expect to see more positive results.

“The City and County remain committed to monitoring the COVID-19 situation actively and will make decisions that keep the citizens of Seguin and Guadalupe County safe,” the city’s release said.

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As concerns of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, or COVID-19) spreading more broadly in our community come true, we want to again ask parents, families and the students of our community to each play an active part in stopping this virus! Without your strict, daily efforts to ensure social distancing, hand-washing, and sickness-control within each family, we will fail and the ongoing presence of the virus in our community could take lives, collapse businesses and continue to undermine the education of our children.

There is not doubt that this will be difficult -- especially given the extended duration of this request. However, individual efforts are an absolute necessity.

As we look to the surrounding communities of Austin and San Antonio, the spread of the virus has grown rapidly over the last ten days. As of March 30th, there were well over 350 documented Coronavirus infections in the IH-35 communities that surround ours. On the first day of March, there were none! While Seguin and New Braunfels currently have less than 30 combined cases that have been identified, the virus has already taken the life of a young father in our community.

Over the coming weeks, the presence of the virus in our community will definitely grow. Our healthcare providers will help to broaden the availability of testing to better allow us to understand the presence of the virus. However, if we, as individuals and a community, come together and strictly enforce the two most important strategies to stop its spread:

- Social Distancing

- Conscientious, frequent hand washing and hygiene at work

the impact of the Coronavirus on our local communities may be very limited.

The Coronavirus can only affect you by you getting infected with the virus from someone else. By staying away from other people, it is very difficult for the virus to spread. Not shaking hands and avoiding any close contact reduces the risk of spread. It is expected that if the virus is present on surfaces, it can be transferred from handles/knobs, furniture, ... nearly anything to you by contact. This is why frequent washing/sanitizing is important. The coronavirus does not choose where it goes. People give it the opportunity to infect one another by close interactions. It does not choose who it infects. Given a chance, it will infect nearly anyone, at any age. Children and adults give the virus an opportunity to make someone else sick by getting too close to one another.

So, what does 'Social Distancing mean'?

It means stay in your home, as a family. Avoid going out to run errands, or get things done unless absolutely necessary.

- One person in the household goes to the store ONLY.

- Assume that anyone you interact with could be sick with Coronavirus. Therefore, stay at least 6-10 feet away from them. Do not shake hands. Do not sit or stand near anyone.

- No play dates, or getting together to pass time. While it is encouaged that kids play safely in the backyard during this time, or for the family to go for a walk on the street, it's a very good idea to avoid going to the parks, river and common social areas to mingle with others.

- Your family is those who live in your home. Not your entire family. Remember, anyone you know - or they know - can be sick and able to get you sick if you get close to them

Looking at the current information available from the cities that surround us - San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, it is clear that this virus spreads within the community by both close contact and community interactions. The virus is infecting both the young and our elders in all US cities.

Serious illness from Coronavirus infection that require weeks of hospitalization and sometimes death are not common, but are more common when more people are infected.

Is the Coronavirus just like the FLU?

No! This virus is not the FLU. There is no treatment for the devestating illness caused by the virus. At this point there is no vaccine available. But, the standard practice of Social Distancing will reduce the risk of transmission of any virus - including the common, seasonal viruses that have made each of us sick in the past.

Does this virus affect the elderly?

Yes, but now it is very clear that the Coronavirus not only affects the elderly but it can make both the young and old very sick - and even die. New information reveal that 40% of the cases of Coronavirus infections that require hospitalization are in the age range of 20-54.

The time is now to self-isolate as an individual or as a family. Stay at home and to keep your children at home so that we, as a community, can defeat this virus!


Living within or near to a large metropolitan area increases the likelihood of being infected by this virus. Even a relatively small percentage of a large population represents a large number of people. The densely populated I-35 corridor between San Antonio and Austin is an area of heightened concern, particularly regarding those commuting within the I-35 corridor.

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