Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office

The Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office are warning “mudders” to stay in their lane.

After receiving much-needed rain recently, sheriff’s deputies have received an uptick in calls for property damage, more specifically, ruts in farmer’s fields.

“Since the rain received last week we have taken several reports from farmers in the Geronimo area of their fields being torn up by ‘mudders’ in four wheel drive vehicles,” according to a post on the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Facebook page. “While these incidents happened in that area we tend to get numerous reports all over the county for similar damage after we receive rain.”

The law enforcement officers are reminding residents that it is illegal to take vehicles off roading on private property without authorization from the property owner.

If caught, drivers could face charges, the post stated.

“We ask that all who wish to do this be aware that you will be charged with criminal mischief if you are identified,” the post read. “If our deputies catch you in the act you will be arrested and your vehicle will be impounded. Criminal Mischief can range anywhere from a class c misdemeanor to a felony depending on the dollar amount of damage caused.”

The activity is costly for the farmers, ranchers and community members, the post stated.

“Our farmers and ranchers put in countless hours and spend thousands of dollars on fuel and seed in order to try and make a profit and this damage can put their livelihood at risk,” it read. “Taxpayers also foot the bill of unplanned repairs when this same damage occurs on county easements.”

The incidents are under investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office at 830-379-1224. Anonymous tips can be made through Guadalupe County Crime Stoppers at 877-403-TIPS (8477).

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