Guadalupe County Courthouse

Guadalupe County Courthouse

Four more Guadalupe County residents have tested positive for COVID-19, officials said.

In a news release Wednesday evening, the county was notified by the Texas Department of State Health and Human Services that four more residents were confirmed to have coronavirus.

“All four patients are at home and are self-quarantined since receiving a positive test,” the release stated.

The release shared no other information as to the area of the county the residents may live or if there was any possible exposure to other county residents.

According to the city of Schertz, at least one of the four is a Schertz resident.

"The second individual is a Schertz resident and is at home under self-quarantine," a news release said.

Wednesday’s announcement brought the county’s number of positive cases up to eight. The first case was identified Friday, the second on Sunday and two more on Monday.

“As testing becomes more available, we expect to see an increase in positive tests through the County,” the release stated. “Guadalupe County remains committed to monitor the COVID-19 situation actively and make decisions that keep the citizens of Guadalupe County Safe.”

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We need to know who these people are so this doesn't continue to happen.


I agree. Though the people may want to remain anonymous, where they have been and what places they may have contracted the virus is imperative if we want to stop further infections.


I don't believe that it is necessary to name individuals testing positive, but, I think information regarding how and where they believe they came in contact with the virus is. In the past, notices were posted on the residence to warn the public that it was under quarantine.

Class of 87

No need to know the person's identity, and also it is not legal to share private medical information. Local health organizations have a process to notify individuals who came into close contact with those diagnosed, and also if necessary share location information where a person may have been.


Other news media is sharing information on how individuals were likely to have been affected, without sharing their identity. Foreign travel being among those causes mentioned.


I agree. I think we should at least know where and how the individuals contracted the virus. I dont need to know who they are, just WHERE they are!


[scared] There are plenty of counties with no report of virus (or do they [ohmy] ) if you must violate the mandatory national emergency orders go there just dont take your support animals. Coronavirus came from animals not beer[ninja]


We do need to know more information on how and where these people became infected. We're all in this together. It is not a blame game, it's keeping as few people as possible free from this horrific virus! God bless Seguin!

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