The search is on for Seguin ISD’s new superintendent.

The Seguin ISD Board of Trustees met with Texas Association of School Board’s Executive Search Services during a recent special meeting to discuss the process and timeline.

ESS Search consultant Butch Felkner and field coordinator Craig Stockstill visited with the board on Thursday explaining the process which includes community input, interviews and selection over the next three months.

The job listing is posted on TASB’s website. Seguin ISD’s website has a link that takes potential applicants to TASB’s site, according to a news release by Seguin ISD.

Felkner said applications are accepted from the time the job was posted until March 31.

Before the application deadline is complete, ESS will begin gathering information from residents and distrcit staff on the ideal candidate.

The information will come from a pair of community involvement sessions, conduct a pair of community involvement sessions, as well as an hour-long staff session to gather input on what residents and employees would like to see in their superintendent.

“The purpose of the meetings are to give people an opportunity. If they do (the survey) online they don’t need to come here and visit with us,” Felkner said. “The online survey will be up much longer.”

The community involvement sessions are set for March 5 — 4 to 5 p.m. for staff input; 5 to 6 p.m. and 6 to 7 p.m. for community sessions. Trustees are advised against attending any of the sessions.

The survey is comprised for four open-ended questions, is available in English and Spanish and is completely anonymous, Felkner said.

No one in this district, once they hit the (survey) link, can access the site,” he said. “It goes directly to our office. It is anonymous.”

The survey is not up yet, but will be soon, the news release said.

Once the application deadline passes, the board will meet several times over the next month to review applications and determine interview questions, conduct interviews, prepare for and conduct follow up interviews.

Felkner said the board will select six candidates to interview. They’ll narrow that selection down to three for the second round of interviews.

The board can also opt to take site visits to those three candidate’s current districts, which Felkner encouraged.

Following the timeline, the board can potentially name a lone finalist on May 6 and then officially offer that person the position on May 28 following the 21 day state-mandated period.

Felkner said 90% of the candidates who are hired through ESS are still at the same job after three years, and 85% are there after five.

The district plans to send out additional details on the search and information the online survey soon, the release said.

Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at .

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