Matthew Gutierrez

WISCONSIN — A contract for $250,000 a year plus benefits for Matthew Gutierrez to become their next top administrator was approved Monday by the Madison Metropolitan School Board in Wisconsin.

The two-year contract that goes into effect on June 1 laid out the superintendent’s duties and responsibilities, as well as the compensation for his role as the lead administrator for more than 50 campuses.

The contract lists Gutierrez’s starting salary is $250,000 for his first year with a potential raise of at least 2% of that salary, plus $500 transportation stipend and technology to fulfill his duties including a district smart phone and a laptop.

Additionally, the district will cover 90% of Gutierrez’s health and dental insurances, 85% of term life insurance and 100% disability.

The board also agreed to give Gutierrez up to $8,500 for moving expenses and will pay for temporary housing in the Madison area until Nov. 1.

Much like his contract with Seguin, the Madison school board will re-evaluate his contract annually.

Gutierrez is expected to get involved with the community through civic, business and community organizations, the contract stated.

The contract was singed on Jan. 24 and was approved unanimously Monday night.

In Seguin, on Monday, the board went behind closed doors to discuss the superintendent’s contract, but no action was taken after they emerged.

Seguin ISD is set to bring in a familiar search firm to help find the district’s next top administrator.

The Seguin school board selected Texas Association of School Board’s (TASB) Executive Search Services (ESS) to help with the superintendent search process less than a week after Superintendent Matthew Gutierrez accepted the position as the top administrator for Madison Metropolitan School District.

“That is the firm we went with last time we were searching for a superintendent,” SISD Board President Cinde Thomas-Jimenez said on Thursday. “We found that they had really great community engagement.”

During the 2017 search, ESS opened lines of communication to the community, allowing stakeholders to offer their input on the criteria they’d like to see in the administrator.

“They held open meetings at the district office for people to come in to express their thoughts,” Thomas-Jimenez said. “We also had an online forum for them to express their thoughts if they couldn’t come to the meeting. We found them very easy to work with.”

On Monday, superintendent search firms were contacted to get information on the services they offer, Thomas-Jimenez said. Four companies sent in proposals to the board.

The board went forward with selecting a firm on Thursday to get a timeline set and the application process started, Thomas-Jimenez said.

The board plans to post the position internally to allow qualified personnel interested in the role the ability to apply.

“If anybody within Seguin ISD is interested they just need to register through TASB and they can apply for the job as well,” Thomas-Jimenez said.

In seeking applicants, the board is looking for someone who will continue the programing path the district is currently on, Thomas-Jimenez said.

“It is important to us that we follow that path,” she said. “There has been a lot of discussion in the community about ‘we don’t want somebody new to come in and force new programs and ideas, and new staff.’ I believe that the administration, the campuses and the teachers are of the same mind. They want us to continue to move forward so we can see the true results. If they are interested in taking on that leadership role to lead us through, we are certainly willing to take a good look at them.”

The board with meet with representatives from ESS in for a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday in the Seguin ISD board room.

Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at .

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The school district is much larger, and the cost of living is greater in Madison vs. Seguin. As well, there is the state income tax to consider in Wisconsin. No one here needs to think that a quarter-million is justifiable in Seguin.


Much agreed, with both thoughts. There’s nothing wrong with the package Dr. Gutierrez has been offered.

In regards to the new Superintendent for Seguin, I understand the need for continuity, I just hope that the paths they have chosen is one that will succeed; up to now, it’s been a failure.

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