Sisters Liana LaPierre and Krisna Martinez pose for a photo with their brother, Denton Police Officer Urban Rodriguez before he was flown to Colorado for a rehabilitation facility.

Almost a month after he was shot, family members said a Denton police officer is on the road to recovery.

Liana LaPierre said her brother, Denton Police Officer Urbano Rodriguez, a Seguin High School alumni, is making great strides in his recovery after he was shot in the head and femur just after midnight, Tuesday, Oct. 29.

Rodriguez was flown to a rehabilitation center in Colorado last week, LaPierre said.

“They sent him there because they said it is one of the best for his injuries,” she said. “He is on the road to recovery. We’ve got a long, long way. He is in good spirits.”

An old friend was able to visit Rodriguez while in the rehabilitation facility last week, LaPierre said.

“We had a friend of ours from Seguin, who lives in Colorado now, go by and visit him,” she said. “He was able to report to us that he was in good spirits and eager to get going.”

While her brother is getting great care, LaPierre said it is hard on her family being so far away from him.

His parents Maggie and Urban Rodriguez, Sr. live in Seguin, while LaPierre lives in Denton and her sister Krisna Martinez lives in Austin.

But with families of their own, picking up and heading to Colorado is difficult, LaPierre said.

“We want to be there all the time, but we can’t. It is just not feasible,” she said. “We would all like to jump on a plane and go to Colorado next week, especially with Thanksgiving coming up, we would all like to be together for the holiday.”

That’s what prompted LaPierre to start a crowdsourcing fundraiser.

“We thought maybe we can reach out to friends and our extended family members,” she said. “Initially, I made it private. I just sent it to my friends privately, and then I noticed people sharing it on Facebook. James (Reyes) was the one who told me, it’s Ok to need help, the community is here for that.”

LaPierre, who works in Plano, sent it to a friend there, who circulated through the Plano Police Department.

“We’ve been overwhelmed and gracious,” she said. “He blasted it out to the police department and there has been an influx of response to it. We’re very blessed and grateful to that.”

The funds raised will go toward getting his family to Colorado, the GoFundMe page read.

“Since we all have families of our own, and mom and dad are in Seguin the ability to afford several trips to go and support Urban during rehabilitation seem almost impossible; especially during this holiday season,” it read. “We humbly ask for your assistance to help us with the burden of these travel costs, so we are able to travel more frequently to positively support

“Urban through his rehabilitation. Our family is so grateful for the out pour of love and support that all of our family, friends and the Denton community have shown to Urban, his wife and children.”

To donate, visit .

Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at .

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