A pair of Seguin residents will fill the seats at the dais in Seguin City Hall.

Sonia Mendez and Monica Napier Carter were selected to represent Seguin’s District 2 and District 6, respectively.

Mendez takes District 2

As the votes poured in, they showed Mendez taking a strong lead over opponent Peter Silvius.

Mendez took the win with 504 total votes at 66.76% and Silvius with 251 votes at 33.24% from unofficial tallies.

“[This] feels great and is something that was unexpected,” Mendez said. “I want to, of course, thank the Lord; this was part of his plan for me. I also want to thank my mother; she was my driving force since day one.”

Mendez also thanked her family and supporters for their aid in her victory.

“My youngest daughter was my campaign treasurer,” she said. “My oldest daughter was the coordinator, and my son was in charge of photography and transportation. I want to thank my grandchildren, they walked with me while I was campaigning down the streets passing out flyers, and I want to thank District 2 for their support and their vote.”

In early voting, Mendez came in on top with 337 votes to Silvius’s 187.

“[Peter Silvius] texted me earlier and thanked me for running, and I as well thanked him,” Mendez said. “I hope I follow what he proposed to the district – I want to follow that [and] make Seguin better.”

During her campaign, Mendez took the time to walk the streets of her district and garner the opinions of those who reside within it.

Mendez hopes to become a voice of those she spoke with while at the seat, she said.

“I got to talk with many neighbors. I call them neighbors,” Mendez said. “They gave me insights. They gave me issues, concerns, and those are the ones that I will bring to the board — streets, life, safety, we need to work hand in hand with the law enforcement agency.”

Mendez will replace councilwoman Jeannette “Jet” Crabb in the District 2 seat. Crabb term-limited out.

Carter wins District 6 in landslide

Carter defeated two other opponents, Wanda Lee Rosales and Ricardo Sanchez, Jr., in their bids to fill the District 6 seat held by Fonda Matthis.

The final unofficial total had Carter leading with 657 votes at 61.98%, followed by Rosales with 260 total votes at 24.53% and Sanchez with 143 total votes at 13.49%.

“It feels very surreal right now,” Carter said. “I feel pretty good. I’m excited and grateful and all of the above.”

Early voting showed Carter with 525 votes, followed by Rosales at 202 votes and Sanchez at 99.

“I want to thank District 6 for coming out so strongly and supporting me,” Carter said. “I also want to thank my running mates for running a clean race. We all did a good job of being respectful to one another, so I’m definitely grateful for that.”

Carter said her victory is an impossible one without the help of her supporters.

“I had a great team of supporters that rallied around me, it really helped me pull this off,” she said. “Last but not least is, my family has been very encouraging and supportive throughout this, so I’m excited.”

In her new position, Carter hopes to bring the city together, she said.

“I definitely hope to bring unity for one,” Carter said. “I just want to see Seguin grow, and so whatever I can do to be a part of helping us move in a better direction, that’s what I want to be a part of.”

Joe Martin is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at joe.martin@seguingazette.com .

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