Police found human skeletal remains inside a home in a Seguin neighborhood Sunday night.

Seguin police officers made the discovery while looking into a tip they received during an unrelated child abuse/neglect call, Chief Terry Nichols said. No visible signs of foul play or the presence of a crime jumped out at investigators, he said.

“There should be no fear of a murderer running loose in the city of Seguin,” Nichols said. “We believe this is an isolated incident.”

Police have talked to residents of the home and neighbors, but have made no arrests. In fact, it was unclear whether a crime had been committed and, if one had, exactly what that crime was, Nichols said.

“We have a lot of investigating to do,” he said.

About 10 p.m. Sunday, officers received information about human remains possibly being inside a home in the 900 block of Anderson Street, said Officer Tanya Brown, the department’s public information officer. She said police searched the home and found what they believe to be “skeletal remains inside a bedroom.”

“Because the identity of the deceased has not been determined, police are not releasing specific details regarding the active investigation,” Brown said in a written statement released Monday. “Investigators with the Seguin Police Department are working with the Guadalupe District (County) Attorney’s Office, Texas Rangers and the Texas State University Department of Anthropology to determine the identity, cause, manner and date of death.”

Members of the TSU anthropology department were on the scene Monday morning moving in and out of the single-story house that police had separated from the rest of the block with yellow caution tape. The anthropologists were investigating and trying to learn all they could about the bones, which appear to be those of an adult human, Nichols said.

The remains did not give investigators a clue as to what happened to cause the person’s death, but they will continue trying to determine that information, Nichols said.

“This has been here a long time so it’s just bones,” he said. “We believe it’s an adult.”

The size of the bones are the only indicator that the person was an adult, Nichols said.

At least two people live in the house where officers found the bones, the chief said. Investigators know a woman and her minor daughter reside at the home. Neither were home when police arrived.

Officers went to the address on Anderson following a call in a different part of town for an outcry of child abuse and/or neglect, Nichols said. While speaking with people involved in that case, someone told officers about the possibility of skeletal remains inside the home on Anderson.

Police conducted a welfare check at the Anderson Street home and just as officers were getting to the house, one of the residents arrived as well, Nichols said.

Both the woman and her daughter have cooperated with the investigation, he said.

Since the beginning of the year, SPD officers have been called to the home six times, mostly for calls involving a runaway child, Nichols said. Officers have had no reports of a missing person associated with the address, he said.

Police and members of the TSU anthropology department expected to continue processing the scene and collecting necessary information at the home through Monday afternoon, Nichols said. He would not say whether the bones were concealed in a bedroom or out in the open where police could easily spot them.

No autopsy is expected, but members of the anthropology department will do the scientific discovery work related to identifying the remains, the chief said.

The amount of time that might take also was unknown Monday, he said.

“I have no idea,” Nichols said. “It’ll be a long process, I think, based on the condition of the remains.”

SPD’s discovery of skeletal remains is at least the second such case this year in Guadalupe County to enlist the help of Texas State’s anthropology department.

In late January, a member of a utility crew working in the Guadalupe County section of New Braunfels found skeletal remains in a field. New Braunfels Police Department detectives called in members of the school’s anthropology department to assist in that investigation, which remains ongoing, NBPD Communications Coordinator David Ferguson said.

“We are still awaiting DNA results for a positive identification,” he said.


Dalondo Moultrie is the assistant managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at dalondo.moultrie@seguingazette.com .

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So sad . Ms.Jackie was a wonderful person who loved the kids she worked with .. May she RIP

Nereida Mcever

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