COVID-19 Updates

In the past four days, Guadalupe County has seen a 29-case increase of confirmed COVID-19 tests, 96 cases pending investigation and 25 recoveries.

The most recent update by Guadalupe County, said 15 cases were confirmed between Friday night and Monday, while 14 more cases were confirmed Tuesday.

Of the 14 on Tuesday, county officials said nine of them are confirmed positive and five are confirmed probable cases.

According to Tuesday’s release, 271 people have recovered and there are 73 active cases and 430 cases pending, equating to 774 cases.

As COVID-19 case counts continue to rise, county officials are trying to help the public understand how the numbers are reported.

On Monday morning, the Guadalupe County Office of Emergency Management posted a summation on its Facebook page about how the Texas Department of State Health Services Region 8 has changed the way it is inputting and reporting the data.

Guadalupe County does not have a public health department and relies on the Region 8 service center to serve in that capacity.

With a substantial growth in positive cases, the team at Region 8 is behind in its reporting and decided to report all cases — pending and confirmed — together, the post stated.

“We have decided that reporting total, aggregate case counts will give you a better overall picture as we continue to work through investigations,” the post read. “An aggregate count is the total number of reported cases, whether or not we have completed the investigation.”

Once the Region 8 team receives the lab results, it takes it through an investigative process determining if it does fall under certain criteria and verifies the address. The DSHS then contacts the patient to let them know the results. The county is then notified once the investigation is complete and the case is confirmed.

“We do not add the result to our case count until we have notified the county,” DSHS said.

The state began including a pending column in its daily reports for those cases waiting for confirmation. Those numbers are included in the state’s overall case count for the county.

“As a result, some counties will see a significant increase in total numbers due to pending cases,” the post stated.

As of Tuesday, Seguin had 32 active cases, the unincorporated area of Guadalupe County had 16, the portion of New Braunfels in Guadalupe County had nine, Schertz had six, Cibolo and Marion each had two, four county residents are in the hospital — as reported by the Department of State Health Services — SilverTree Nursing Home has one and there is one COVID-related death reported at this time.

Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at .

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