Mayor's bet

New Braunfels Mayor Rusty Brockman and Seguin Mayor Don Keil place the annual Gaudalupe River Bowl bet outside Unicorn Stadium on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020. MIKALA COMPTON | Herald-Zeitung

One of the state’s oldest football rivalries has a pair of town mayors putting it all on the line and anteing up pecans and sausage.

Seguin Mayor Don Keil and New Braunfels Mayor Rusty Brockman met at Unicorn Stadium on Tuesday morning and placed a friendly wager on the 108th edition of the Guadalupe River Bowl.

The pair of teams have met on the gridiron consecutively for 94 years. New Braunfels leads the all-time series 65-39-3 and is currently on a seven-game winning streak. Keil is hopes to see it broken on Friday.

“We’re going to win,” Keil said, hoping to bring home the wurst prize.

Brockman is confident the Unicorns will come out victorious by a small margin.

“I think I’m going to say Unicorns by three,” he said. “This is my first one to do with the oldest football rivalry and the award we pass back and forth. With the pecans coming our way, I couldn’t ask for anything more, because they’ve got the best pecans in the world.”

If the game doesn’t go quite his way, Brockmann said, that’s all right too.

“If we have to turn over some sausage this year, I’ll be happy to do that, because Mayor Keil and I are good friends,” he said. “We’ve known one another for a long time and it is just a great, fun rivalry.”

While the pair didn’t agree on the predicted outcome of the game, they were both thrilled that boys of fall will take the field this year.

The coronavirus pandemic had already halted spring sports, leaving many graduating seniors without their final high school days on the field. Although there was a delayed start to 2020-21 school year, sports are giving the athletes, coaches and fans something to cheer about this fall.

“I think after the incredible experience we all had during the earlier part of the year and just losing out on the spring session and school … this is a big relief, I think, for everybody,” Keil said. “There is nothing better in Texas than Friday night football. To deprive this are and these kids of something like that I think would be a tragedy. I’m glad we’re able to do it.”

As a former coach, Brockmann said he knows all too well the excitement, plans and preparation that goes into a Friday night game and is more than happy to host this one.

“Like Mayor Keil said, we had such a difficult spring with March, April and May, kids not getting to be able to finish baseball, softball or soccer or all of those other sports,” he said. “Now, whether it is put off four or five weeks or not, we have the opportunity right now to be able to get on the field and play the oldest rivalry in Texas with across the river friends. It just doesn’t get any better than this, I guarantee it.”

The game between the Seguin Matadors and New Braunfels Unicorns will kick off at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Unicorn Stadium.

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung Sports Editor Tucker Stephenson contributed to this story. Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at .

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