COVID-19 Updates

Officials have confirmed 55 more COVID-19 cases in Guadalupe County.

According to Guadalupe County Emergency Management Coordinator Patrick Pinder’s Wednesday release, the county has 142 confirmed active cases of the coronavirus and 337 recoveries.

The county has a total of 479 cases of the coronavirus and 527 cases pending confirmation, for a total of 1,006 cases.

Officials have confirmed three residents have died from the coronavirus — two men in their 50s and one man in his 70s. Earlier this week, Pinder said Guadalupe Regional Medical Center has had 14 patients die from the coronavirus. It’s unclear how many of them were Guadalupe County residents.

On Wednesday, the hospital’s administration reported to Pinder there were more than 40 COVID-19 positive patients at the facility.

“Not all of these patients reside in Guadalupe County,” he said.

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You’ve got to be joking. “...unsure how many of them were Guadalupe residents”.

Did the patients actually check in? Did GRMC get their insurance or personal details? I’ve never gotten past the front desk and not provided everything except my shoe size, so totally appalled by this statement.

GCEM Coordinator Pinder should be able to provide that confirmation as they are reported and if not, we have a terrible crisis on our hands.

Let’s have this data the next time the report is updated or the Seguin Gazette should do a story on exactly why we don’t have it and who’s responsible for this travesty.

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