Traffic on one of Seguin’s busiest roadways came to a halt for a few minutes as a large truck pulled out of a driveway, towing half a home behind it.

A small crowd gathered in front of the Seguin Silver Center and near Westerholm-Koehler’s insurance building, as the company Brown and Sons House Movers, based out of Austin, moved the second half of a 111-year-old home onto Court Street and out of Seguin.

Among the on-lookers, was the house’s newest homeowner, Robert Waring.

“We’re moving it,” he said of the Victorian-style home that was built in the early 1900s.

Waring and his wife Andrea purchased the house, that was located at 523 E. Court St., from Dr. Robert Stephens, of Cornerstone Pediatrics.

The couple bought land in Kingsbury with plans on building a home for their retirement. That was until they saw the house come up for sale, Robert said.

“Dr. Bob Stephens, of Cornerstone Pediatrics, bought this property because he needed a parking lot,” he said. “He put it up for bids. My wife grew up in a very similar Victorian house; she found it. We stepped in it, and within 10 seconds, (it was decided), we’re buying this house.”

The home was originally built in 1908 by C.J. Earnst — who bought the property in 1906 from Tom and Sarah Day. The home, built by a German contractor, was a wedding gift to his son, H.A. and Emmie Earnst, Robert said.

The Earnst family live in the home until the mid-70s when Louis and Sharon Steinberg purchased the family estate and converted it to the Shanoah Gallery, Robert said.

Shanoah Gallery

A old photo of the home when is was converted into the Shanoah Gallery

It became the home base of a chiropractor, who, after two decades, moved his practice to New Braunfels, Robert said.

After, the property was eventually zoned commercial and hosted several businesses, including an insurance agency, recording studio and barbershop.

“I did some research on the house,” Robert said. “I know exactly where this house has been, I just can’t find any pictures of it prior to 1977.”

Robert said he is intrigued about the Earnst family and would love to get a complete history of the home.

After purchasing the home and bringing in the moving company, the work began, starting with relocating the garage.

“They picked it up and moved it first,” Robert said. “We’re going to convert that into a bunkhouse.”

House on the move

The crew from Brown and Sons House Movers work to remove the roof as part of the relocation process.

The movers then took off the roof, cut the house in half, and began to move the two pieces.

“We’re taking the brick out, as much as we can,” Robert said. “We had the chimneys taken down and stacked, so we’ll restore the chimneys. We’ll restore the original brick skirting all the way around the house. We’re salvaging pretty much everything.”

The first half was moved on Wednesday, while the second piece relocated on Thursday.

“It’s amazing to watch these guys work, they know exactly what they are doing,” he said.

Once the house is pieced back together, the restoration work will begin, Robert said.

“When we’re done with it, we’ll clean it all up, restore it, repaint it,” he said. “We plan to paint it with a deep maroon trim, gunmetal blue with white accents on the windows. Sharon Steinberg sent me a watercolor she had done paint of the house in 77-78.”

Water color painting

A watercolor painting of the Earnst Family home/Shanoah Gallery shows what it will look like once restored.

Robert estimates it will be two to three years before the restoration work is completed and the Warings can move in.

Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at

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I'm so glad someone is taking care of this beautiful building! We passed by the empty lot on Friday and I was heartbroken thinking that someone had torn it down. Now it will have a new life in Kingsbury with a new family❤

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