The sounds of laughing children and carnival rides filled the air at the Seguin Events Complex on Saturday.

As the second oldest county fair in Texas, the 136th Annual Guadalupe County Fair and Rodeo attracts guests from all around the area.

“I read about the fair in the Austin newspaper and being from Austin, it was just over an hour’s drive to get here, and my husband and I can’t wait to look around and maybe find a cool T-shirt,” Minca Reece said. “We mainly want to do the horticulture event, and I am really looking forward to seeing some of the farm animals and stuff like that. I’ve been taking pictures all morning, and I’m sending them to my friends back home to show them what a great time they have been missing out on.”

The event offered actives ranging from rides and games in the carnival brought to Seguin by Pride of Texas Shows. However, the biggest hit of afternoon were the venders that peppered the park offering a wide array of goodies to purchase.

“I think the fair is wonderful,” Caryn Adkins said. “It’s a great attraction for kids and adults. I haven’t taken part in any of the rides or activities yet, but I plan on doing all of them as the day goes on.”

Tucked away in a colorful pink and blue cloth-covered booth, Debra Richardson said that although this is her first time participating at the Guadalupe County Fair and Rodeo as a vendor, the event is something she eagerly awaits every year.

“I really look forward to all the women exhibits every year, but this is my first year as a vendor,” she said. “This is also the first year that they’re having artisan venders here and I was really interested so I thought I’d do it. I mostly sell crochet and plastic canvas items, like things for children, adults, a little bit of everything, really. There are about nine other artisan vendors here today, so it’s been really fun.”

The Guadalupe County Master Gardeners were also present at the fair where they held an arts and crafts station for children in order to encourage the kiddos to get their hands dirty and educate them on gardening, Master Gardeners member Kathy Adams said.

The group also displayed a plethora of different vegetables and plants offering up the seeds of the greenery to event-goers to take home, free of charge.

The Best Dressed Western Wear Roundup was also held where Alexis Kay Schultz was named Western Wear Roundup Queen.

Pageant judge Zelma Dixon said the competition for the event was fierce, but judging the contest could not have been more fun, she said.

“I had so much fun, and the kids were so great,” she said. “I was asked to step in for a previous judge because she had a family situation, and although I don’t know anything about western wear other than growing up in the country and I love the farm, I do know about judging. I really had a blast, and they even asked me back for next year’s event.”

Mobility Store owner James Glenewinkle says he has been coming to the fair for decades and thinks that although the fair is a great time for the family, it seems to be slowly shrinking.

“I love the fair. I have been coming here since I was 16 years old,” he said. My favorite part is probably all of the animals like the livestock and things like that. But this coliseum used to be completely filled with vendors and now look at it, other than mine you have around four commercial businesses in here. I think it’s due to generation changes or perhaps the economy. The old generation has disappeared, and the new generation has come in. If the new generation doesn’t come in and start to fill it up, this all could be a thing of the past.”

Events lined up for Sunday are Cowboy Church at 9:30 a.m., goat roping at 1 p.m., a food challenge contest at 1:30 p.m. and more.

For more information on the fair or the daily schedule visit,

Joe Martin is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at .

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