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First United Bank, 200 N. Austin Street, is listed as part of the Holiday Tour of Homes.

First United Bank, 200 N. Austin

First United Bank may be new to Seguin, however, the building it calls home has been a downtown fixture for more than 60 years.

While the site has been a banking institution since 1938 when Seguin State Bank moved to the corner of Gonzales and North Austin, the three-storied Weinert Building sat in the middle of the block.

A gas explosion in 1956 demolished most of the bank and it was restored in the modern architectural style that you see today.

The old clock on the front sidewalk has been in place since before 1938. It was once knocked over by a “sleepy truck driver” and had to be remounted but First United has made sure to keep it in good working condition. The stone on the wall by the front lobby came from the local farm of Chris Doeschner.

The bomb shelter/basement now houses safety deposit boxes. Natural springs run under the building and probably helped to keep the building cool back in the day.

There are many familiar family names associated with the founding of Seguin State Bank, which was in 1906: Harborth, Koehler, Bauer, Schriewer, Timmermann, Tips, Blumberg and Zipp. And by 1956, Hilda Weinert became the first woman to chair the board of directors, replacing her deceased husband H.H. Weinert. Their daughter, Jane Weinert Blumberg, took over following Hilda Weinert’s death in 1971.

This year, First United Bank underwent a full refurbishing of the interior as well as drive-thru area. Their appreciation for the history of Seguin and the part that banking institutions have in the sound development of any town is evident in the full photo murals of old Seguin surrounding the main lobby and many photos throughout the building depicting Seguin in days gone by.

The long-time tradition of an electric train display is still set up to enjoy during the holiday season along with the amazing collection of Santas belonging to Betty Blankenship.

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