A ruptured gas line shut down Seguin High School early Tuesday afternoon.

Crews working on the new high school struck a 2-inch gas line at about 2:30 p.m. in front of the Seguin High School main office, said Seguin Fire Battalion Chief Rusty Krueger.

“Upon my arrival, the school had already evacuated the students on their own accord,” he said. “We then identified what size line it was that had been damaged.”

Centerpoint Energy was contacted to assist the fire department and the Seguin ISD maintenance department in shutting off the line, Krueger said.

“We put some makeshift tools together to get the gas cut off on the school property,” he said.

Seguin ISD Superintendent Stetson Roane said the school was able to move students off the main campus quickly and began on working out a plan to get students home.

“We evacuated out to the field first and then to Goldie Harris into the air conditioning,” he said. “We then started making phone calls to contact parents as well as getting information out onto Facebook and to the local media. As of right now, there are no injuries, the gas line has been secured and we have evacuated outlining facilities.”

Buses were able to pick up students from Cedar Street in front of Goldie Harris, and parents could pick their children up from the gym, Roane said.

While school was cut a little short on Tuesday, classes should go on as planned on Wednesday, Roane said.

“I’m just glad the gas was able to be shut off,” he said. “They will replace the valve and fix the line, so school should be good to go. But if not, we will be sure to get the information out by putting it out on Facebook and contacting local media.”

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Wonder if stetson had a plan for evacuation? He seems to have no plan for any thing else,except plan how he can hire more cousins


tucker777 - I think we all are just happy it was handled well. You know there is some good news in the paper that should deserve comments as well but I guess those don't get your goat so to speak!


While I'm certainly glad that the evacuation went off without incident, I will say that it would have been nice to receive a phone call via the Robo-call system. I know that some people did receive one but not receiving a phone call at all or getting one at 10pm is not very helpful. An actual, potentially dangerous situation is exactly what that auto call system is for however the call to parents about a child being tardy to "one or more classes" is never late! (Irony intended!)

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