Cody Lorenz

SEGUIN — Cody J. Lorenz pleaded guilty to felony murder Monday morning in Second 25th District Court.

In response to his plea, District Judge W.C. “Bud” Kirkendall convicted Lorenz of the offense and scheduled sentencing for 9 a.m. Nov. 27.

Murder while committing a felony is a first-degree felony punishable by a sentence of five to 99 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Lorenz, 21, of Seguin, was charged in the death of Amber Robbins, 19, who died in a two-vehicle collision in December 2011 at the intersection of Highway 46 and West Kingsbury Street.

Lorenz’s case was on Monday’s docket for a jury trial, but he had made the pretrial decision that if the jury found him guilty sentencing would be done by the judge.

After his plea and conviction, Lorenz was returned to the Guadalupe County Jail.

At noon Monday, prospective jurors summoned for duty Monday were being questioned for possible service in a civil case.

District Attorney Heather McMinn had said last week that she was ready to take the Lorenz case to trial.

“On behalf of the family, I think it is a relief that he accepted responsibility,” McMinn said Monday afternoon.

McMinn said she had not yet made a decision on what sentence to recommend when Lorenz returns to court Nov. 27. She said she’ll be conferring with the victim’s family about what sentence they believe is sufficient.

Lorenz’s attorney, Veryl Brown, did not respond to a request for comment about the case.

Lorenz’s plea, which was an “open plea” and not the result of a plea bargain, did not include a plea of guilty regarding the issue of a deadly weapon (the vehicle driven by Lorenz) having been used in the commission of the offense.

The collision that killed Robbins was reported shortly before 10 p.m. Dec. 29, 2011. Seguin police said Robbins was driving a 2003 Chevrolet Trail Blazer going south on Highway 46. At the intersection with West Kingsbury, her Chevrolet was struck by a 1997 Dodge pickup driven by Lorenz. Witnesses told police the Dodge had run a red light at the intersection.

Robbins died at the scene, and Lorenz was taken to Guadalupe Regional Medical Center where he was treated and released.

Police said marijuana, drug paraphernalia and alcoholic beverages were found in the Dodge pickup, and Lorenz initially was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Two weeks later, lab test results showed Lorenz’s blood alcohol content to have been 0.17, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08, and he was rearrested on Jan. 13 on a charge of murder while committing a felony. Authorities said the felony was Lorenz’s third offense for driving while intoxicated.

First- and second-offense DWIs are misdemeanors, but DWI becomes a felony with the third and subsequent offenses.

In another case on Monday’s docket, Robert Flores, 32, of Seguin, pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily injury to a family member, and Kirkendall sentenced him according to the terms of a plea agreement.

Flores was sentenced to a seven-year term in the Institutional Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice with credit for 235 days served in the county jail.

Flores was indicted in April on two counts of assault causing bodily injury enhanced by a prior conviction for misdemeanor assault of a family member in November 2003 in Guadalupe County court-at-law. His indictment also showed a prior felony conviction for manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance in January 2007 in 25th District Court.

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I am thinking here that the state made an offer. If the judge does not accept it that offer then Lorenz can take back his guilty plea. I only hope the judge thinks really hard on this one. Lorenz didn't kill her the 1st time he got "caught" drinking and driving or the 2nd time he got "caught" drinking and driving. He killed her the 3rd time.


Hopefully it wont be a slap on the wrist......he has so many chances as it is.....if it would be anybody else that didnt have the "right" last name they would be serving the max. Hope he gets at least 3/4 of the max

Just Concerned

My prayers go out to Rebecca and Mike.
Just remember it is not our place to pass judgement. And for all you "Self Righteous Christians" words are hurtful
. Cody is a Son, Grandson and most of all a HUMAN BEING! Leave your judgement for the man above. There has been enough damage done to both families.


Just Concerned...try telling that Amber Robbins' family. She didn't get a 2nd or 3rd chance...judgement is gonna be passed in the courtroom by his Honor the Judge. The Almighty will pass judgement when this drunk dies.

concerned about the community

Or judgment for the court of law...


1st, 2nd 3rd arrest of DWI and then he was released again and was injured as a passenger of another accident DUI??? He is the reason his own family is suffering and that is NO comparison to the family who lost their child to his actions. He has figured out that rehab and AAA is out there when will he? How many more will he kill drunk driving before he learns?


GunnyA is RIGHT ON, Amber was a daughter, aunt, and sister also, where were her chances. She didn't get any because of this drunk.....


I think the maximum sentence is appropriate in this case. 99 years and $10,000 fine I would also like to see the Robbins family sue Lorenz in civil court. Cody Lorenz has proved he is and will be a threat to others and he and the family has shown no remorse for his actions. Anything less and I don't believe justice or the pubic's safety will be adequately served.


Mr. Lorenz omitted the part about using his truck as a deadly weapon. If he had not been driving the deadly weapon Miss Robbins would still be with her family today. Nothing can bring her back nor fill the void left in the hearts of her family and friends. Mr. Lorenz needs to spend a substantial amount of time in prison where he can wake up every day and think about what he's done. The time spent in county jail obviously didn't bring him back to reality. Judgment on this earth will be in the hands of the court. The heartache his actions have inflicted on everyone his a result of his not caring and having no remorse. The wrath of public opinion isn't what Mr. Lorenz should fear. He needs to start bending his knees and asking for his maker's forgiveness and follow thru with a change in his life style. Miss Robbins is still gone...forever.


Did I read this right??? .....McMinn said she had not yet made a decision on what sentence to recommend when Lorenz returns to court Nov. 27. She said she’ll be conferring with the victim’s family about what sentence they believe is sufficient.

Why are you asking the family, why don't you sentence him yourself by the evidence presented to you..THIRD DWI, drugs, then the second accident he had that almost killed him..ankle monitor did not seem to even slow this boy down, or keep him away from booze or people with booze..Even the bail bonds company revoked their bond..that should tell you something your job and stop letting personal feelings get in your way..or get out and let somebody else sentence this boy fairly!!!!


It is normal for the DA's office to confer w/the victim's family. The law is not as cut and dried as TV portrays it. This young man is going away for a long time.


I believe 10 or 20 years will not change his behavior. I opt for at least 35 early release....35 served.


Hoot, what would be the purpose of suing him in civil court? He's not going to be working anywhere other than prison for a very, very long time. Just paying a $10,000 fine will take years.


@JustConcerned....we all understand that one day we will have to face judgement one day!!! However, if your family was effected by a tragedy such as this then I'm sure your words would be different. And yes he is HUMAN and we all are, BUT!!!!! when you make the same mistake more than once, that just shows what kind of HUMAN you are! And we do not need HUMANS like this to being running around free and committing acts like that....Overall he should not be allow to walk as a free man after this.


McMinn = plea deal.... NOT justice.

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