Teachers at a pair of local elementary campuses were in fine form as they hurled frozen turkeys down makeshift bowling lanes for fun and a cause.

Teachers from Marion’s Karrer and Krueger Elementary Schools, and Navarro Intermediate School’s participated in Turkey Bowling events at their respective campuses this past week.

Navarro Intermediate Turkey Bowl

The fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade students went wild as members of the Navarro Intermediate student council announced the line up of bowlers on Friday afternoon before school let out.

The teachers lined up on two makeshift lanes and took turns slinging a frozen bird down a tarp bowling lane lined with boxes of non-perishable food donations.

“Turkey Bowl is a time for us to come together to give back to our community,” event organizer sixth-grade teacher Shelia Buchanan said. “We encourage students to bring canned goods and fill a box in order to watch their teacher bowl in the turkey bowl.”

Each of the teachers got to send a frozen turkey twice to get their strike or a spare in the first round, then once in the second.

“We have fun watching all of the teachers try to knock down the pins with frozen turkeys,” Buchanan said.

Last year’s event brought in more than 1,700 pounds of food that was donated to the Christian Cupboard, a goal Buchanan is hoping to match this year.

While getting to watch their favorite teachers try to win the bragging rights of best turkey bowler, Buchanan said they learn a little about service to their community.

“This gives the students a sense of being able to give something to others who may not be as fortunate as they are,” she said.

The student council recognized the best bowler and her class with some goodies, as well as the class that brought in the most donations.

Marion Karrer and Primary Turkey Bowl

In the Karrer campus gym, more than a dozen mini bowling lanes were set up with frozen turkeys off to the side on Thursday afternoon after school ended. As the teams of teachers came in they posted up on their lane and waited for their competition.

At the sound of Principal Paul Goetzke’s “go” the turkeys began flying for the fifth year.

“Grade level teams, Marion PTSO officers, and office staff competed for ‘Best Team Theme’, ‘Most Strikes,’ ‘Best Form’ and ‘Highest Team Score’ certificates,” Goetzke said.

The themes included Christmas Presents to Shark Week, Pigs In Blankets, The Grammar Police, the aliens from Toy Story, a Taco and its hot sauce packages and more.

“Staff morale, team building and coming together to be thankful for each other and for the kids we serve is the driving force behind this annual event,” Goetzke said.

The turkeys were double wrapped to ensure they weren’t damaged during the games because they have another job to do, Goetzke said.

“The frozen turkeys used for the bowling, which were donated by the Marion PTSO, are going to families in need in our community for the Thanksgiving holidays,” he said.

Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail her at felicia.frazar@seguingazette.com .

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