Where the Seguin Public Library once stood, a smaller book repository now resides.

On a post in Bauer Park sits a green box with glass doors housing dozens of books and puzzles available to anyone who passes by.

The city of Seguin’s Parks and Recreation Department installed the Little Free Library at the behest of Girl Scout Troop 4921, whose members purchased, painted and stocked the small library.

“The girls did it as part of their bronze award,” Troop Leader Denise Crettenden said. “They looked at a few different things they were interested in in the community and they hit on doing a little library.”

After coming up with the idea, the girls had to decide where it would be located, Crettenden said.

They looked at several potential spots, but ultimately decided that Bauer Park was their location.

“The girls really wanted to put this library somewhere where a lot of people would be and it would be accessible to a big part of the community,” Crettenden said. “They came up with Bauer Park because it is close to the center of town and probably a little bit easier to maintain than something in Starcke Park or Park West.”

Once the troop decided on the location, they asked the city for permission. Seguin Parks and Recreation director Jack Jones said the girls’ project idea was “perfect.”

“The little library's location in Bauer Park is perfect given this site was home to Seguin's original stand-alone library for approximately 50 years,” he said. “The little library is a small reminder of the old library's history in the park.”

The troop began raising money through bake sales in the park during the city’s Concerts in the Park series. Then, they asked the community to help them stock it, Crettenden said.

“We can’t do these kinds of things without the generosity of the community,” she said. “We could not have anticipated the amount of donations that we would get, and are still getting, for the library. Businesses like Court Street Coffee Company and Keller Williams were gracious enough to take in donations there.”

The troop collected books and puzzles to fill the little library.

After installation, the troop decided to take turns maintaining and stocking the library, Crettenden said.

“It’s been really exciting,” she said. “We stocked it up the first week with books and puzzles and by the second week all of those books and puzzles were gone and new books and puzzles were in there. The girls will each get a chance to take care of the library for two weeks at a time.”

The Little Free Library is located at 707 E. College St.

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