Nancy last walked the pages of The Seguin Gazette in the 1980s.

Starting in today’s issue, she’s back.

Gazette editor Chris Lykins said if comic strips can undergo a renaissance, then that’s what “Nancy” is going through right now.

The strip has milked a lot of humor out of Nancy, the sassy red-bowed protagonist and her pal Sluggo, and a cast of side characters including Nancy’s Aunt Fritzi, since it launched in 1938.

Over the years it spoke to different generations about the experience of growing up and what it meant to be a kid.

Under a new creator using the pseudonym Olivia Jaimes, Nancy’s battles with bad grades and bad eating habits have taken on a 21st century appeal without sacrificing what makes Nancy, Nancy, Lykins said.

“I grew up reading the comics page as a child, so Nancy, like Charlie Brown, is just part of my history,” he said. “What Jaimes has done with ‘Nancy’ honors the heritage and history of the strip while taking hilarious new approaches that make it a must read every day.”

Gazette General Manager Elizabeth Engelhardt said that the comics page is a key part of the experience that readers have with the newspaper and the memories they build with it.

“That’s why it’s so great to be able to bring back a part of the newspaper’s past in a way that they can share with the next generation of readers,” Engelhardt said.

Nancy may have a cell phone now, and use a computer, but she’s the same strong-willed and no-nonsense child she was when she first graced the daily comics pages.

“Welcome home, Nancy,” Lykins said.

You can find comics on page 5 in today’s issue, with Nancy at the top of the page.

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