National Travel week

Seguin Mayor Don Keil signs a proclamation recognizing May 6 - 12 as National Travel and Tourism Week.

Wherever the representatives of the Seguin Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) are, the organization always makes sure the name, Seguin and the slogan “It’s Real” is heard.

“We are the tourism marketing arm for the city of Seguin,” Main Street Program and CVB Director Kyle Kramm said. “We market Seguin’s tourist’s destinations, hotels, conferences, sporting events and group tours to potential visitors and tourists. The term we use is we try to put heads in beds.”

The city recently proclaimed May 6 to 12 as National Travel and Tourism Week as an opportunity for the Seguin CVB to recognize and “celebrate the value travel holds for our economy, businesses and personal well-being.”

“Seguin has a growing tourism industry — from heritage attractions to amusement parks, from charming bed and breakfasts to national chain hoteliers, Seguin offers an experience for everyone and that is what we are celebrating during National Travel & Tourism Week,” Kramm said. “Recent additions, like Seguin Brewing, Son’s Island and Seguin Tubes are attracting more visitors to Seguin and, in turn, helping to support neighboring businesses.”

On average, a single tourist in the San Antonio MSA spends about $141 a day, Kramm said.

“That spins off by supporting our businesses here in Seguin,” he said.

According to the Economic Impact of Travel on Texas report from Texas Economic Development and Tourism, visitors in Seguin spent about $65 million in 2016, $62 million in 2015 and $58 million in 2014.

“When you’re on vacation, you’re going to spend a lot of more money versus if you were at home. On the average, it’s all spent on hotel, food and gas,” Kramm said. “When they spend money at the hotels, they are charged the hotel occupancy tax.”

With the help of partnerships between the city and statewide organizations, individuals also are constantly coming into town for numerous events, Kramm said.

About 200 women are brought in every year for the Texas Ladies State Chili Championship hosted by the city, the Chili Appreciation Society International and Texas Ladies State, while thousands take part in the city-wide event, Pecan Fest Heritage Days in October.

Additionally, the Seguin CVB actively recruits other events such as conventions and competitions.

Last October, more than 350 people from all over Texas spent four days in town for the Texas Crime Stoppers Conference.

Next spring about 300 to 400 individuals are expected to spend an average of three days in Seguin for the Texas Geocaching Association.

“The Texas Geocaching Association reached out to us in 2017 and so we submitted a proposal to host their event here and we won the bid,” Kramm said. “It’s a competition, where they go and find different caches. They will be in town for over three days so they’re going to be having events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.”

The group is going to have a breakfast event Sunday morning, which will fill up the community’s restaurants, Kramm said.

Furthermore, Kramm said the department makes an effort to attend events where they can promote the city.

“Exhibiting at a trade show is a great way to advertise to a target market and create brand awareness and there is something to be said for the face-to-face contact,” Seguin’ Tourism Assistant Myra Salinas said.

This last year, the group attended the Travel and Adventure Show, where they received the “Best Booth” award for their large traveling pecan, Kramm said.

“We went to the Travel and Adventure Show in Dallas, where there were about 13,000 people that came through the trade show,” he said. “We talked to thousands of people about coming to Seguin. Last Friday, we went to the Walk and Rally in San Antonio. It was a small event, but we talked to so many people about our town.”

The Seguin CVB is currently working on installing new billboards, wayfinding signage and completing a meeting planner guide as an opportunity to get businesses to host their meetings in town, he said.

Once the guides are completed the group plans to send them off to meeting planners across the country to show Seguin is a viable market, Kramm said.

“Our main goal through the CVB is to promote Seguin as a desirable year-round tourism destination which results in positive economic growth and stability for Seguin,” he said. “We are the trusted source of visitor information, destination amenities and activities to vacationers, meeting attendees, sports event participants and news media.”

For more information, the Seguin CVB, visit or

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