GUADALUPE COUNTY — The man accused of killing a Gonzales girl in an alcohol-related accident last year is in a San Antonio hospital after being a passenger in a vehicle that authorities say may have been driven by a drunk driver.

Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Robert Haiyasoso said Cody Lorenz, 21, was one of four occupants of a vehicle that wrecked Saturday evening on Schuenemann Road.

“It appears that the vehicle crossed into the opposite lane and over corrected, causing the vehicle to go into a side skid, drive off the road and hit a tree,” Haiyasoso said after reading the report.

The report also stated that the driver is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and driving at an unsafe speed.

Lorenz sustained life-threatening injuries and was taken by AirLife to San Antonio Military Medical Center for treatment where he was reportedly in ICU.

The driver, Jayson Sponable, and the other two victims signed refusals for treatment and transport, officials said.

Haiyasoso said the accident is under investigation and the driver could face a charge of indoxication assault.

Lorenz was arrested and charged with murder in the December 29, 2011 death of Amber Robbins.

Lorenz is suspected of driving while intoxicated, third offense, the night that his truck crashed into the vehicle Robbins was driving.

Bond was originally set at $250,000 by Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 Darrell Hunter and later reduced by Second 25th District Judge W.C. “Bud” Kirkendall.

Lorenz was released on bond June 28, 2012 on $125,000 bond with the condition of wearing a SCRAM alcohol monitoring device, said 25th Judicial District Attorney Heather McMinn.

“The defendant was involved in an accident as a passenger of the vehicle that rolled and sustained serious injuries,” she said.

Lorenz’s trail is set for Oct. 8, 2012.

“We are still seeking to go forward with the trial in October,” McMinn said.

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Momma Knows Best

looks like the good lord is punishing Cody for the heartache that he has cause on Amber Robbins Family.... maybe if he would have just stayed in jail he wouldnt have had this happen to him now.... that court date cant get here fast enough for this boy... I hope they throw the book at him and lock him up for good before somebody else gets hurt... he just lucky he wasnt driving this time!


Did anyone really believe that something like this wasn’t going to happen once he got out on bail? Call me cold but I can’t find sorrow in my heart for Cody.


See what happens when you have the Good Ole Boy system in place, if Kirkendall had left the bail at what Hunter set it at he might still have been in jail and this would not have happened. You would think when one is facing murder charges for alcohol he would have steered clear of anybody drinking....just goes to show he does not care one bit and this whole situation has not affected him. All you supporters can say what you want, the proof is in ICU right now!!!!!!...


I agree with 830nhouse. There is a limit to compassion. Four guys in a wreck where alcohol is involved and the only one hurt is Cody? Six months in jail should have given him time to dry out and think about which road he wanted to take with his life. Looks like his family and the judicial system has it's answer. Deja Vu!


Never believed in Karma...........WOW


Just in case anyone commenting here is claiming to be a Christian as they judge, let's think this out. Do I think this young man needs prayer? I certainly do, and I do so daily. As a Christian, rather than judge him (that's God's job), I pray he finds the right path and that he is compelled to change. Maybe none of us can change him, but God can. I pray he lets God in to do that job. I pray for his family as well, because they should never have to go through all they have been through. It doesn't matter what you all think of their past, their decisions, and many other things you probably know nothing about. The fact remains that a life was spared, and THAT is the proof that's lying in ICU right now - proof positive that God is watching over this boy & has some kind of plan for him, and nobody but God knows what that plan is. I guess all interested parties will just have to wait and see.

Parsimonious Mom

"Welcome to the Karma Cafe where you don't need a menu. You will be served what you deserve. Hope you're hungry."

Don and Rose

To It'sAlwaysSomething:
Are prayers in order...Certainly.. it's up to God to forgive him and pass judgement...however, it's up to the justice system to see that he is off the streets and doing no harm...,That is, if folks in "the system" will stop tampering with justice and let it take it's course...leniency doesn't work on "hard cases"...way to go Judge Kirkendall!


Nicely said Parsimonious Mom


No matter how you feel about what Cody has done in the past remember he is still human. He is still a son, grandson, brother!!! I also would like to know where all the people talking about FOUR GUYS DRINKING came up with that one!!! The driver was that all that has been said. Not to say they were not but who are you to speculate. Has anyone ever once said CODY was drinking!!! Let only God judge people there is NO ONE on earth that has not sinned whether it known by others or not. People speak of Karma so don't forget that while you run your mouth it will come back at you also.


mvseguin - You seem to be close to the situation. People who tend to get defensive really quick as yourself may be in some sort of denial or the truth hurts . You are who you hang out with. Am I right? Come on this isn't the first time that Cody has been involved in some kind of accident or in the newspaper for wrong doing. If it was then this accident would have never been published. I hope that Cody is ok, but enough is enough.


Wasn't he told he couldn't be around alcohol for him to go out on bond? This is karma for him.


True enough, Ms. Larsen. Hopefully the justice system will work as intended, though I understand why so many people around here find that hard to believe. Maybe I'd better add the officials in this case to that prayer list...


Once again someone assuming something that is untrue!! You basically proved my point. No I am not close to the situation nor do I have anything to do with the situation. It is just so frustrating that people instead of seeing a human being that needs prayers not just to get well but for life in general instead people get righteous and think they have the right to wish ill on a person based on "KAMRMA" . Those without sin may cast the first stone. There is not one person who would or could stand up to cast the first stone. That is my point.

Don and Rose

To clarify: My comment about Judge Kirkindall was totaly tongue in cheek!
I believe the laws passed by the majority are constantly being undermined by the justice system. We should expect Judges to proceed with the intent of the law as well as the letter of the law.
"Every man, by consenting with others to make one Body Politik under one Government, puts himself under an obligation to every one of that Society, to submit to the determination of the majority, and to be concluded by it; or else this original Compact, whereby he and other incorporates into one Society, would signifie nothing."John Locke 1690".

Ana GunnaTellYa

[smile] Guess Momma and Daddy couldn't live up to their OBLIGATION to keep an eye on him while he is out on bond....Due to lack of PARENTING, his PARENTS should feel responsible for what's happened to him and to anyone he has hurt in the past. Now what Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz...who are you gonna blame now? The judge who did you guys a favor and LOWERED his bond?? [beam]


One of the reasons for delaying the murder trial for Cody Lorenz was his alleged participation in a rehabilitation program. He was also supposed to be wearing an alcohol monitor, so it's reasonable to conclude it has been determined if he was or was not still wearing the monitor and if he had consumed alcohol. Beyond that, my personal opinion is that excusing abhorrent behavior is naive. Just ask Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MAD) about results of lenient treatment of repeat DWI offenders. And what about the young lady who was killed? If you need to pray for someone, pray for her and her family. I can only imagine their grief and hope I never have to experience their anguish as they await justice to be done. [sad]


Thank you Danska and Ana GunnaTellYa!! That's my point!!! His parents begged the judge to lower the bond and they would keep alcohol away from him. On my FACEBOOK (like no one can see it) they post a picture of him AND his parents all drinking. Where's the parenting here??? The worst thing is these people think they get away with it!!! What about the families of the people you kill when you go out to drive drunk?!? [angry]


Cody needs our prayers not judgment.He has not had an easy life.He needs help with his spiritual,& emotional challenges in life. The Robbins family are hurting but it would be great if they would forgive Cody so they can be free of anger,bitterness,etc.

He needs help & not prison.
I have been told that his mother spent 5 years in prison.Please pray for him,he is worthy of our love & compassion.

This culture encourages young people to drink liquor....please pray for him & the Robbins family..


Cody's juvenile records were sealed and put on a shelf when he turned 18. He turned 21 in jail. His prior offenses mentioned in print have been within the last 3 years. Blaming your problems on sad situations doesn't solve the problems. Each time he appeared in court to have his hands slapped by a judge he was warned about "the next time". When his bond was reduced and he was released to await trial someone opened a flood gate. Ankle monitors and adult supervision didn't work. The latest incident should be grounds to have his bail revoked and put him back in jail. If his mother spent 5 years in prison she should have gone above and beyond to ensure her son didn't follow in her footsteps. He's been given another chance so many time that the phrase doesn't mean anything to him any more. There is an old honky tonk song about turning 21 in prison. I hope Cody remembers the next line of the song....doing life without parole. It could easily happen to him with the roads he chooses to travel.

Don and Rose

Compassionate: Most of the folks who have posted here are not recommending public stoning or any other such action...what I'm sure you didn't understand in my earlier post quoting John Locke is that we are all obliged to follow the law and entitled as a society to have those laws upheld for the safety of the citizens...and...IF that doesn't happen...our laws signify nothing! There needs to be a trial, a jury, a decision. If convicted he needs to go to jail...I have always had compassion for those who are trying...I have none for those who blame everyone but themselves for their mistakes because they are not ready to learn and grow.


I hope the S.O. office sends some info out or is this gunna get sweep under the rug also? If he was released on bond didnt he have a curfew? have to stay away from booze? Guess he just did what ever he wanted. He was given a chance once more & he failed. Lock him up when he get released from the hospital & keep him there until his court date, he has proved that he will not follow the rules


Everybody's talking so much !! Just leave him alone, his day of judgement is coming! Its sad for everyone involved!! NOBODY is going to win on either side. Quit being ugly, this is still a human being. And no I don't know any of the families involved, just can't believe how all the dirt comes out about his family and Facebook pictures. People are so nosy!!! SHAMEFUL!!!! So what everybody has crazy family!! Nobody is perfect!! Dang!!![angry]

Concern Mom

The Judge is just as much to blame as Cody. If the Judge would have locked him up after the 2nd DWI we would still have our Amber. If Cody was still in Jail he would not be in the situation he is in now. Both parents have not been a roll model, look at their records. Now for the rehab! This will only work if you admit you have a problem and want help. He sure fooled the court!!!!


@Chumbucket - ditto, well said. While I don't pretend to understand how he is out and about and not in jail, the law is the law. There is no "good ole' boy" system at play here, just the law. Let's not jump to so many conclusions and let's think about reality here. I do not condone what he did, DWI and kiiling someone, but I don't condone the comments here either. Before you comment about our justice system perhaps you should read up on the law. While we don't favor it, it is the law. I am sick and tired of all the negative comments about the "good ole" boy" system from people who have not a clue about the law. Research, then comment. And if you are so opposed to the laws, spend your time on research of the candidates and vote for better leaders instead of mouthing off first.


Dear Compassionate, even the Bible says that one must repent before one is forgiven.. About the only thing Cody seems to be sorry about is getting in the car with a drunk driver... He might know how it feels.. but I DOUBT it.[angry]


A) I'm seeing a lot of mentions of the Bible in this thread. What would Jesus do? I don't know, but he doesn't strike me as the type to rant in some comment thread that some kid in ICU needs to be fried or locked away forever, no matter how messed up and irresponsible said kid may have been.

B) I'm also seeing a lot of mentions of karma. Karma, in the Eastern traditions, is simply cause and effect. If you land in ICU because you were riding with some guy who was drinking, that's karma, but it's a law of nature that makes these things happen, not a moral judgement.

C) I don't think the judges dropped the ball. The system in Texas isn't known for leniency. Accidentally killing someone while under the influence is terrible, but it's not premeditated murder.

D) None of this ranting and attempted mob-raising is going to bring Amber back. I have no Idea what this guy was feeling. Maybe he could care less. Maybe he felt so bad about what happened that he had to self medicate, or had a death wish. I don't know. You don't, either.

E) I'm a little confused by the concept that "alcoholism is a disease". Everybody says it, yet they want to punish diseased people. Which is it, a disease or a crime? It can't logically be both.


Like I said..the good ole boy system at its finest in Guadalupe County. Yes, I can say that because I use to work for that system and I could curl your hair with the things I saw. I DO know the law as I use to work for an attorney and am a Paralegal.

Guadalupe County protects its good ole boys, and everybody knows this.
Prime example....look how long they tried to cover up the Larry Timmermann fiasco!!!


@ragnarofl: Thank you! Your post was spot-on!

Personally, at this point, my frustration stems from these comments and honestly has very little to do with Cody or what he has done anymore. It's just sad to see people spouting off when they are underinformed and overzealous, and it's frightening to realize that as I raise my babies in this town I am apparently surrounded by so many hateful, vindictive people. Yikes! Hope I never run into some of y'all in a dark alley!


It'sAlwaysSomething: I couldn't agree with you more! That's all I have to say.

Ana GunnaTellYa

I dont understand how anyone can support Cody. Why say we should feel "compassion" for him and pray for him? He obviously doesn't want to be
helped. He hasn't shown that he is remorseful for hurting anyone in the past.
If he was sorry for hurting and killing one person in the past, he would try HARDER
to get the help he needs. Instead, he's done the opposite. He was set free, and
continued to party with friends. So don't expect pity for Cody from those who are tired
of this young man's "LACK OF RESPECT" for the law. You should be praying for HIS victims.

Ana GunnaTellYa

BTW..Now I really feel his parents should carry some kind of responsibility for what he's done.


um...mikeschick...hate to be the one to tell you this, but just because you worked as a paralegal for an attorney doesn't mean you know anything about the "system".


HOOT - when you say the "young man who was killed in Belmont in June" I seriously hope you are not talking about Andrew Howard, because if you are you could not be farther from the truth. He was, for a fact, NOT drinking and not once was it mentioned that he was. If you are in fact talking about Andrew you need to remove your comment now. The family will appreciate it.


Victim or no victim....He should have been more responsible then to get into a vehicle with a Drunk Driver, after what happened in January. I knew the family of the girl he killed and for me this is close to home.... Obviously he did not learn his lesson and never will !!!!!!

Like they say "KARMA" , what goes around comes around!!!!!!

He gets everything he deserves...


And just because you have a jacked up family...Does NOT mean you should follow in the foot steps of them....Everyone is an individual and makes there own choices!!!

So you cant blame the parents he is an adult and made the wrong choices himself!


We all need mercy some time during our lives...

Mercy before judgment .Who knows this young man's heart? ...Only God .,the great I AM of the Bible.

Jesus Christ has His arms of mercy & love extended to all of us.

If I judge someone there is no room for love.
Many of you can't understand my perspective but you will if you have the opportunity to become older. ...

Pray for the Robbins family & Cody & his family.All are hurting deeply.


Now that the accused has been released from the hospital and his bail revoked why isn't he back in jail?


Go to and put in codys name he has alot more than 3 dui.I think I counted 8 or 9 different dates that he was arrested for dui or dwi.Just another example of how guadalupe counties judicial system is all about collecting the fines and then putting the criminal back on the street.Unfortanately someone pays the price when these people reoffend and it was an innocent girl this time.He was out for what three weeks before he took off his monitor.Who is supervising these criminals.Not the probation department thats for sure

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