The city of Cibolo and the YMCA worked together to flex their muscles and open a new facility in the area. 

Residents, city officials and more welcomed the newest addition to the community on Friday — a YMCA facility located at 176 FM 78 East. 

The new health and wellness center sports eight rooms ranging from a two-court basketball gymnasium to an electronic library. 

“One of the most exciting things about this facility is that, honestly, this thing can grow,” Fredy Degollado district vice president of the YMCA of Greater San Antonio, said. “This facility is a little under 27,000 square feet, and I think we plan to more than double that size. So that’s probably the most exciting thing. So I think we met a need in the community. The community said this is something that they wanted and here we are.”

The excitement could be felt in the air as about 700 residents from the area swarmed the new facility, including 12-year-old Jeremiah Hahn and his mother Jennifer Hahn.

“It’s awesome,” Jeremiah said. “It has a lot more workouts than the other YMCA.”

The new facility is a welcomed break from the Schertz YMCA center, which Jennifer says can at times become crowded.

“It looks nice. They need a pool though,” Jennifer said. “I think it will get people encouraged to start working out more and it will relieve some of the other people from the Schertz one because it gets really congested there and you can’t use the machines. So we plan on visiting this facility regularly depending on which one is less crowded. Now we have an option, which is good.”

Cibolo resident Melissa Donoho cites the ambiance and basketball courts of the new facility as her favorite additions. 

“I like how they have the different rooms,” Donoho said. “That basketball set is great, it’s huge, it’s going to be packed. But this is really cool with all the windows, I think the windows are going to be great. I’ve been a member of the Schertz YMCA for a while. So comparing, this is a lot smaller, but I would use this one because they did a good job.”

The opening ceremony kicked off to a performance by the Steele Knight Band of Steele High School along with a speech by Cibolo Mayor Stosh Boyle as he gave a few words of thanks to those involved. 

“It’s a great day for Cibolo… to have a facility like this now is just amazing,” Boyle said. “Our voters spoke at the election and identified the need and we worked very hard to put this together. The previous council and this council we all worked very hard and I can’t underscore the hard work that the YMCA has done with this as well.”

The YMCA plans to do more than simply help build the facility, it will also play a role in staffing and equipping the new wellness center.

“The city and the YMCA formulated this idea to build a facility around January of 2017,” Cibolo City Manager Bob Herrera said. “Once we reached an agreement, we did the contract and we hired an architect. It’s been about two years that we’ve been working on this project. We’ve joined partners, the city owns the property and jointly we built the building, and they’re (YMCA) going to equip it and they’re going to staff it and they’re bringing all their expertise.”

In addition to increasing the capacity of the facility, Herrera says he and Sandy Morander, president and CEO of the YMCA of the Greater San Antonio have plans to continue their partnership to build a miracle league field for Cibolo in the near future. 

“This community has really gotten excited about that opportunity,” Morander said. “That’s what partners do they find where there’s a need and work together to solve it and we’re really excited about that addition.”


Joe Martin is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at .

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