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Hijack County co-owners Don Wedley (left) and Ron Wright pose for a photo on Wednesday Dec. 4, 2019, at Finck Cigar in San Antonio.

A Seguin High School alum recently released a hard-hitting, dark country song celebrating the town he grew up in.

Don Wedley and Ron Wright, co-owners of a San Antonio-based record production company called Hijack County, created a song titled “Anything and Everything Seguin” to honor the area — Wright’s hometown.

“It’s something that we want Seguin to be proud of,” Wedley said. “We want to give Seguin something that they can gravitate to, something that will let them say, ‘This is ours.’ For instance, we talk about the Matadors. Well, that’s the Seguin Matadors. No one else can say that song is about, say, Judson. That identifies where the place is that we’re talking about. So there’s no doubt about what we are trying to get across.”

Although the duo wrote the song, it is performed by Wright. The lyrics were inspired by his experiences growing up in Seguin.

“I played basketball at Seguin High School,” Wright said. “I was always singing in the morning when the jocks came out. One day this girl came up to me — she was a senior, and I was a freshman — and she said ‘I like the way you sing.’ … that was the whole beginning of this country singing thing.”

Writing “Anything and Everything Seguin” was a long process for the duo that spanned many a long night, Wedley said.

“We sat on my porch every night from about 10 p.m. to about two or three in the morning and smoked cigars and talked it out,” Wedley said. “During that time, we also managed to formulate about 12 to 13 other songs in the process.”

The decision to release the song now is with high hopes for the future.

“Our primary mission is to get ‘Anything and Everything Seguin’ to number one in Texas,” Wright said. “We’ve talked to Texas music pickers who chart Texas and Oklahoma country artists, and the number one song is ‘Better with Beer,’ by Kevin Fowler, and it comes in at 800 spins a week. There are 30,000 people in Seguin. We believe that with our work ethic, we will get it done. We don’t push a rock up a hill; we drive through it.”

In the initial planning and writing of the song, the duo had different plans for recording the number, Wright said.

“Natalie Rose was chosen to sing ‘Anything and Everything Seguin’ because she’s also from Seguin, but she was scheduled in Nashville, and she was number three on the Texas country chart that we’ve been talking about,” he said. “We sat down with her, and she wanted to add a couple of things and had some really great ideas, but she ultimately couldn’t do it due to scheduling difficulties. So we just said as Hijack County, ‘Okay, well, we’ll sing it ourselves.’”

Wright said that they plan on creating a music video to complement the song, and it will be filmed in the area.

“It’s still in the early works, but it looks like it will be between the old Sweet Home Road school and the Sweet Home Road church,” Wright said. “Hopefully, if the superintendent is willing, we might like to shoot something on the football field if they would allow it.”

Hijack County revealed their song to the Seguin City Council during a recent meeting.

“Once everybody heard the song, we got nothing but positive feedback,” Wedley said. “Although he (Wright) is from Seguin, I’m from a town called Brownsville in Tennessee and it’s Seguin-ish, so it’s still something that I can relate to.”

“Anything and Everything Seguin” is a vital piece to a growing project, Wedley said.

“We are working on an album that is probably going to drop in June or July of next year,” he said. “It’s going to be called Welcome to Hijack County, and it’s going to be a collaboration with some of the songs that we’ve written and maybe some of the song’s we’ve written with other people. Now, we’re just in the process of finding other artists and getting in touch with people to make it happen.”

‘Anything and Everything Seguin’ can be found on Spotify or iTunes. For more information on Hijack County, visit www.hijackcounty.com or go to their Facebook at www.facebook.com/HiJackCounty/ .

Joe Martin is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at joe.martin@seguingazette.com .

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