MARION — The Marion police may have stopped their investigation into a possible hate crime against a high school student but the FBI has not.

The agency recently contacted district officials and decided to continue the investigation into who left a noose and a threatening and racist letter near the car of an African-American student at Marion High School, said school board president Victor Contreras on Friday.

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Thank the lord ,at least someone cares


i agree. no more getting swept under the rug, and bye bye to the good old boy system in marion. time to grow up.


Yes I agree, no more sweeping it under the rug!!! I think this person(s) thinks they have gotten away with this crime, hopefully the FBI will find out the culprit and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law!!! And I hope this becomes the top story on all the news channels like it was when the story first came out!!

You are very insulting to me geezer, and I do not live in Marion. No need to insult everyone from the town of Marion due to the irresponsible actions of an individual. Hope you stay anonymous and behind your keyboard to fire your potshots. But I have no doubt that you will. That is usually what malcontent cowards do.


“We determined that them or any other law enforcement agency that wants to be apart of the investigation may do so.” This is the quote from Mr Sotelo, interim superintendent. Wow, to think that this district needs to give the FBI it's approval!! How condascending!! Guess what Marion ISD, you don't have any say in whether or not the FBI gets involved.
Now the question is, will Marion finally come clean with their supposed "non existent" files, or will they try to 'bs' them too? Sorry Marion, the FBI takes what it wants, and all your dirty little secrets will be once and for all, exposed. No more covering things up. It's time for this district to become accountable to not only the FBI, but to the kids and families in this district. Marion ISD, put on your big girl panties and do the right thing, for once. And if not for the kids, do it because it's just the right thing to do!!!!!

People are going to be shocked, embarrassed, and upset. Things are not as they seem. Will be much fallout from this but the opposite of what many are expecting.


I've been reading these and keeping up and LoadedForBear you seem to know so much why don't you tell us? Heck go do the FBI's job since you know it all. When they are done with the investigation I have a funny feeling you will be the shocked and upset person. Funny how you know so much but yet you sit behind your computer posting on everything. God must be really jealous of you *eyeroll*

Hello Uknowsomuch. Why so defensive? Quite the contrary. I will be pleased when the San Antonio news crews once again converge on Marion and tell everyone how the story ends. I would think you would be too! I have complete faith and confidence that the FBI and God will reveal the truth.


Check out this website:

Who is really racist? I have never seen anyone treat those girls badly on their own. All I have seen is self defense. I know racism but the only direction that I have seen it from is the family crying wolf.

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